Servant Events

Healthy youth ministry engages and supports youth in service inside the congregation, in the community and beyond. Service helps you to build resilience and learn more about their God-given vocations. Below are resources designed to help you use teen’s gifts and skills in service to others.

Local and One Time Service Resources

Looking for ideas and resources to serve right where you are? These resources are designed to help get your youth ministry serving in your congregation and community.

Bible Studies for Servant Events

These are studies designed for LCMS Servant Events to use over the past ten years. They can help your teens learn more about service or to help orient your servant events around Christ.

Short Devotion on Service and Serving

These are great for when you have a service opportunity, and you want to ensure your youth are focused on living out their vocations in Christ.


View short term LCMS Servant Event options across the country.

Find out more about hosting an LCMS Servant Event in your community.

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