Jesus' vocations show us how He was similar to us and also how He is called to do things that only He can do. Jesus fulfills His vocations perfectly and overcomes death for us because we could not live out our vocations perfectly.
We want youth to grow in the understanding and living out of their vocation. In this study, youth will think about the roles, responsibilities, and relationships God has called us to through the lens of four Biblical characters. These allow us to see the unique vocations where God has used people in the past and where He will use us in the future.
This study is intended to take the participants through the Gospel of Mark considering the issues of how we are to read Mark, its message, and the implications that Mark has for our lives. This is a ten session study that is designed for young adults/campus ministries.
Resilient youth remain humbly confident in their faith in the face of joys, crisis and transition. This study helps youth to dig into what humble confidence looks like for Baptized children of God as they walk through life.
In the second devotion in this series, We hear that God so loved the world so that He gave His Only Son to die for us. But again, we might ask, is this love for me? Yes!
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