Technology has been a mixed experience for youth. They love technology, but they also know they need face to face interaction. To achieve the best balance for your group, this article helps you think through how to integrate technology into ministry.
If you are looking for a movie night with your youth ministry, consider the 2023 live action Little Mermaid with this review and discussion guide.
Here are some social media images for Christmas and Advent
As we look at social media and technology in youth ministry, we want to provide downloadable resources for you to use in your ministry.
Empathy isn’t often something the digital landscape often offers. As young people spend more and more time on technology, this can be an important space for them to learn to both share the Gospel and show compassion. Here are three ways your Youth Ministry can help develop empathy for others as they share the love of Jesus.
Social media is both a blessing and a curse. It connects us and opens doors, but can create problems, quietly destroy people, and isolate us. As we seek to help young people navigate through the quagmire of social media, we must be mindful that perspective is key. We can use social media as a tool to connect us to each other and to the Gospel.
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