Youth and adults may have different ideas of what is engaging conversation. However, if we want to model faithful Christian relationships, it takes some simple conversation to get started!
As youth workers, we need to remember that this cohort that experienced the COVID pandemic during their younger years experienced it differently than adults. Through research, Dr. Tina Berg has been able to identify key learnings that can help us care for young people, particularly confirmands, in the wake of the pandemic.
Things change when you leave the honeymoon phase and settle into your first Call. And, that change may be hard and that’s ok. Here are some great reminders if you are in that position as a new worker.
As a new church worker, it’s hard to navigate forming relationships within your congregation because you don’t know how to develop relationships with the people you are serving alongside. Here are three tips from Sarah on how to find your people.
How do we continue to tell students that Jesus is good when the Church that purports to espouse His teachings, hurts people? Youth leaders should be prepared for responding when young people are faced with sin within their congregation and the larger church. This article helps leaders consider how they might do approach this difficult topic.
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