The post-Confirmation teen years may be ones where teaching the Catechism may be more difficult. Teens want to know how this material applies to their lives today. They want to dig deeper than perhaps they did in Confirmation. This three-part Bible study is the fourth in a series that take Catechism content and present it for high school students.
As youth workers, we need to remember that this cohort that experienced the COVID pandemic during their younger years experienced it differently than adults. Through research, Dr. Tina Berg has been able to identify key learnings that can help us care for young people, particularly confirmands, in the wake of the pandemic.
The next set of studies in this Confirmation 2.0 series will focus on the Lord’s Prayer. Through this series, we focus on learning to pray by listening to the words the Lord has given us to pray. The first session we explore Old Testament prayers of the people of God, and in the second, we look at Jesus’ own prayers. In the final session we look at Jesus' unforgettable response with the disciples asked him about prayer.
In the second of our Confirmation 2.0 series, this three-part study focuses on Baptism. We look at God's work for us in Baptism ties from Old Testament to New Testament to today.
This four part Bible study is the first in a series that takes Catechism content and present it for high school students. The Apostles Creed is a statement of what we believe, teach, and confess as Christians. In a time when it can be challenging to stand up for what we believe, revisiting the Apostles Creed can be helpful for your teens.
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