As we consider Christ in the manager, this skit helps us hear from the voices of in the nativity. We hear their stories and from God's Word to remind us that in Jesus we witness God's plan of forgiveness and love born for us in this child.
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In this short Bible study, we think about Christmas from the perspective of the angels. Angels are fascinating creatures give us a new perspective of the God's story of salvation as we approach the birth of Jesus.
In this last verse of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” (along with the passage from Isaiah 60) expands our vision to see the work God has done for us is just a part of the even bigger work He has done and is still doing in the world.
It is easy during Advent and Christmas to lose focus on why and what we are celebrating. In the middle of this busy time, there are lots of voices pushing us to focus on gifts, trimmings, and celebrations, rather than on the Christ child Jesus. This skit is meant to be an introduction to a reminder of Christmas in this season. It does not require a lot of prep or props.
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