Things change when you leave the honeymoon phase and settle into your first Call. And, that change may be hard and that’s ok. Here are some great reminders if you are in that position as a new worker.
Planning Youth Ministry can be tough. A year long plan can be a bit of work, but incredibly helpful. This article is designed to help you think through the steps of creating your year long ministry plan.
As a new church worker, it’s hard to navigate forming relationships within your congregation because you don’t know how to develop relationships with the people you are serving alongside. Here are three tips from Sarah on how to find your people.
Change in ministry is healthy but it isn’t always fun. The process of change isn’t positive at every step. Change can bring out the ugliest sides of a person because it is often uncomfortable, difficult, and stressful. This article highlights some of the dos and don'ts that can help new youth leaders navigate change in a way that brings out the best in ministry.
Whether you are a paid-worker or a volunteer in ministry, the charge of ministry is draining. Healthy hobbies can be a great ally in ministry and a healthy Christ centered habit.
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