How does our Baptism and being raised in Christ change us? In this final devotion on Colossians, we are reminded of just how powerfully God works through our Baptism everyday.
We have many amazing Christians who can help guide us and answers our questions. But first generation Christians like the Colossians struggled. This devotion looks at the questions they had and the answers God gave through Paul.
Paul reminded the Colossians that they needed to be deeply rooted in Jesus, not moved beyond Him to something else. This devotion reminds us that what God did our Baptism is our solid foundation.
It can be tempting to start to think that the gospel just isn’t quite enough and we need something more…something different. In this devotion we see, just like the Colossians did, that we don't need more than Jesus and His gospel.
The Colossians had heard and received the gospel of Jesus Christ, but they were also impacted to false teachers. These false teachers had a message that was not the true Christian gospel message. This devotion reminds us of our certainty in Jesus.
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