The Power of Play

Play connects us to God in a unique way. In an introduction on play that ties to a Bible study to be released later this month, Heidi helps us think about how play can be a way God can draw us closer to Him.

Advent Devotion – O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

As we start the season of Advent, it’s worth us pausing to reflect on the things we remember and ask for God to be with us in this time.

Advent Skit – What to Wait For

This play is designed to be a part of helping teens to think about the season of Advent as we wait for Christmas. It’s a great conversation starter along with reading Isaiah 9:6-7 about this season of the church year. It’s also designed to be easily done over Zoom.

Devotion – Being in God’s Presence

Psalm 95 invites us into God’s presence with such joy every time we worship, every time we pray. He is our forgiving Father and He rejoices at our presence.

Bible Study – Gratitude for God’s Gifts

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and during this season, we take time to think about all that we’re thankful for. One thing we are thankful for is God’s gifts! Let’s talk about what those gifts are, and how we can show our gratitude.

Devotion – Teach Us to Number Our Days

In Psalm 90, Moses also notices that numbering our days leads to a heart of wisdom. Keeping the span of our life in the perspective of God’s everlasting reign helps ground us in His unchanging truths rather than getting swept up by the cares of the day.

Fostering Gratefulness to God in the Home

In a season where it can be difficult to be grateful, putting activities and routines in place to foster gratitude can be a huge benefit! It all starts with us setting the example for the next generation. Our families can help to point to all God has given us.

Devotion – Make Haste

In this psalm, David is crying out to the Lord, and he wants God to answer him quickly! The beautiful thing about the love of our Father is that he hears us no matter what. Just as David came to God, desperate for immediate help, we can come to our Father, too, desperate for his rescuing work in our lives.

Bible Study – Praise Up

As much as we wish our life was only good days, the truth is our lives are a constant pendulum between good and hard seasons. But there’s one thing that remains a constant throughout all of life’s seasons: our ability to praise God because no matter what, God is worthy of our praise. This Bible study goes through Psalms of both lament and joy to highlight how we can be grateful and give praise in all circumstances.

Devotion – When God Seems Distant

It’s okay, when you don’t understand why God is allowing something to happen, to speak to God about it: after all, we’re His children and Fathers want to hear from their children! From the saints and from Psalm 43 we learn that even when God feels distant, He is not distant.

Developing Empathy Even with Technology

Empathy isn’t often something the digital landscape often offers. As young people spend more and more time on technology, this can be an important space for them to learn to both share the Gospel and show compassion. Here are three ways your Youth Ministry can help develop empathy for others as they share the love of Jesus.

Devotion – The Slippery Slope of Temptation

The psalm says the wicked will be blown away like chaff in the wind, but the one rooted in Jesus will remain sure. Through the waters of Baptism, we are firmly planted in the tree of Christ—the cross.

Keep it Together!: Nurturing and Maintaining Connections with Youth

When working with young people, building trust and maintaining connections are always essential components of youth ministry. Teenagers need those solid relational dynamics now more than ever, as the challenges of Covid-19 have in many ways forced separation from peers. It is essential to demonstrate genuine concern and to create a sense of encouraging warmth for students struggling in the turbulent uncertainty of daily life.

Tell of His Salvation from Day to Day

Psalm 96 is big and grandiose. It is filled with flowery, beautiful, poetic language. And yet it calls on us to tell of God’s salvation from day to day, to daily share what God has done for us. God is present in both the big and the small, in the grandiose and in the ordinary.

Skit – Never Alone

In this skit, we highlight how disconnection and loneliness can seem like a constant companion during difficult times like these. Yet, God’s Word brings us hope and reminds us that we are never alone. God is with us and ties us together through the Gospel.

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Connected but Alone: Navigating the Curse of Social Media

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. It connects us and opens doors, but can create problems, quietly destroy people, and isolate us. As we seek to help young people navigate through the quagmire of social media, we must be mindful that perspective is key. We can use social media as a tool to connect us to each other and to the Gospel.

Help with Talking to Youth about College Prep

Transitions such as graduation are critical moments where congregations and parents can support a young person’s relationship with Jesus as they find a new church home or establish a new, adult relationship with their existing congregation. This talk sheet give you some direction on how you can form a discussion around the transition to college with your high school students.