40 End Goals Devotion: Can I Really Ask That?

Have you ever had a question that you weren’t sure you were allowed to ask? God can handle your questions and He wants you to cry out to Him to find truth, peace and comfort.

Restful Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is not meant to be just one more thing for teenagers to do among a huge list of to-do’s and other activities; Our youth ministries are mean to be a place of rest. This article helps us to think through how we can bring Sabbath and rest to our youth ministries.

In the Midst: A 40 End Goals Study about Humble Confidence

As we go through life, we all come face to face with trials, questions, and tough issues. In the midst of these questions, what do we do? Who or what do we turn to? The purpose of this study is to remind the participants that God does not leave them empty-handed with their questions. He offers us more than just the answers that we are looking for. God gives us what we truly need: namely, Himself.

Confirmation 2.0: Baptism Bible Study Series

In the second of our Confirmation 2.0 series, this three-part study focuses on Baptism. We look at God’s work for us in Baptism ties from Old Testament to New Testament to today.

40 End Goals Devotion: Rest on the Go

Sabbath isn’t always just a stop, but a “going with”. Sometimes rest happens on the go.

Healthy Habits for Healthy Youth Leadership: Developing Hobbies

Whether you are a paid-worker or a volunteer in ministry, the charge of ministry is draining. Healthy hobbies can be a great ally in ministry and a healthy Christ centered habit.

40 End Goals Devotion: Come! Rest!

Jesus didn’t just call his disciples to the hard work before them of ministry. He also called them into rest, into meals, into His Kingdom. In both Jesus calls us to Him to find Salvation.

Campus Ministry Study – Friends in Christ: A study of Philippians

This study is intended to take the participants through the book of Philippians as we consider what it means to be a friend in Christ. This is a ten session study that is designed for young adults/campus ministries.

Letting Go of the Juggling Act: Building Balanced Boundaries in Ministry

As youth leaders, it is essential to develop and maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life and doing so allows us to better serve God and bless others in all areas. This article helps highlight ways that we can better balance how we serve and how we rest, especially for those who are professional church workers.

40 End Goals Devotion: Soul Rest

As we look for Sabbath, looking to God first leads to a quieted soul as he remembers God’s power, strength, and never-ending love.

In and Beyond the Congregation – Involving Youth Ministry as a Part of the Church

Young people are a part of our church as much as any others and need to be seen and accepted as such. In this article, talks about how congregations can integrate youth and listen to them through their ministry.

40 End Goals Devotion: Remember What is Real

One of the ways we can hear God’s voice a little clearer in the middle of all the pressures of each day is when we find moments to rest, to be still.

Rest for the Weary: A 40 End Goals Study on Sabbath and Identity

Rest. We all long for it, but it sometimes feels illusive or unattainable. We pray this four-week study on rest will give you space to explore what God’s Word has to say about rest and Sabbath and provide practical ideas for how to incorporate more rest into their lives.

40 End Goals Devotion: Jesus

Jesus’ vocations show us how He was similar to us and also how He is called to do things that only He can do. Jesus fulfills His vocations perfectly and overcomes death for us because we could not live out our vocations perfectly.

Let’s Have a Marty Party – Youth Night Reformation Celebration

Reformation Day is a perfect occasion to guide students in activities, snacks, and study related to the life and work of Luther. This article gives tons of ideas and direction to review the events in Luther’s life, and explore who we are as Christians and as Lutherans.

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