Wait for the Lord

During the season of Epiphany, the one Isaiah was waiting for is revealed as the one who has come, and His name is Jesus.

Our Powerful God

Isn’t it humbling to think of the power our God has? With just His voice He can crush, terrify, and shake anything He pleases.

Praise the Lord!

When Christmas comes, we celebrate and praise our new Prince. He is a Prince in whom our trust is safe.

The Perfect King

The Bible clearly points to Jesus as the perfect King through whom a perfect Kingdom would come.

Let Us Go to the House of the Lord

On this, the first Sunday of Advent, we begin a season of anticipation, waiting for the celebration of the birth of the Savior and looking forward also to His return. But in the midst of that anticipation, may we not forget that Jesus comes to us even now! Therefore, “Let us go to the house of the Lord” with joy!

Bible Study: Real. Present. God. In Life Issues

Real. Present. God. In Life Issues! explores sensitive and serious topics such as abortion, assisted suicide, and ethical disagreements. Participants will realize that life issues involve more than political issues or personal choices.

Stand for Life

Standing for life starts long before organizing marches for life…it starts with laying down some basic principles about the value of life.

Advent Resources

Take advantage of these resources as you plan events and Bible studies for the Advent season.

Advent: A Time Worth Waiting For

Why we celebrate Advent, and a few things to do with youth during this season of waiting.

youthESource provides Jesus-centered resources
to those at work with youth in the congregation and beyond.

7 Practices of Youth Ministry

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Real. Present. God. Resources

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Word One Lectionary Bible Studies

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LCMS Young Adult Research

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End Goals Podcast

End Goals is the podcast of LCMS Youth Ministry in the Office of National Mission. LCMS Youth Ministry Staff discuss practices for healthy youth ministry and interview practitioners who provide insight for experienced and new youth leaders.

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