Practical Ways to Navigate & Educate on Mental Health

We need to talk more openly and honestly about mental health, especially in the Church. Supportive adults can pause and educate ourselves and others about how to care for young people’s mental health in a Christ-centered way. Here are some practical ways to navigate & educate on mental health in your youth ministry.

Devotion – God’s Promises in times of Grief

From the first death of a pet to losing an aging relative, sooner or later we will all experience some sort of grief or loss. During these times, it is important to remember God’s promises that He has given throughout Scripture.

Devotion – God’s Promises During Times of Fear

There is a lot to fear in our lives, but it is important to remember God’s omnipotence in times of fear.

8 Ways to Care for Yourself as You Care For Youth

Serving in youth ministry professionally or as a volunteer is a awesome vocation, but it can also be incredibly difficult. This article has Eight tips to help maintain your mental health as you care for young people in your church.

Starting a Campus Ministry

If you have an interest in doing campus ministry, don’t wait to start. Here are ten steps you can use to start a campus ministry in your congregation.

How to Integrate Youth into the Larger Church Community (Part Two)

Finding ways to incorporate youth into the larger ministry of a congregation isn’t difficult, but it does take intentionality to make it happen. In the second part of this article, we talk about specific ways that you can help youth connect intergenerationally in your congregation.

Short Prayers for a Big Future: For Pressure

While other generations have experienced challenges, many of today’s teenagers are struggling to cope. The reasons why don’t really matter nearly as much as our response to their pain. Join us for praying for the pressure our young people feel

The Beauty of the Intergenerational Church (Part One)

The gathering and sharing of life together of young and old is one of the blessings and beauties of the church. But are there ways in which life together can extend beyond being together for worship? And why is it important that young and old share life together?

Looking for Someone New?: Identifying and Using Supportive Adults Outside of Active Youth Leadership

Youth Leaders should find ways to incorporate helpful adults from all places in the congregation. Recruiting adults outside of youth ministry leadership can help develop champions for young people and enhance youth ministry, young people and youth ministry leaders.

Short Prayers for a Big Future: For Character

Our younger generation is still building resiliency of character. They lack experience and are still developing their understanding of self. Supportive Christian adults can be powerful in their lives to help point them back to Jesus in tumultuous times. Join us in praying for the character of our youth people.

Short Prayers for a Big Future: For Relationships

It’s a hallmark of young adulthood to survive the tumultuous years of changing friendships and significant others, and to navigate the tricky dance to independence with one’s parents. In this devotion, we lift up in prayer the relationships of young people.

For Pastors Looking to Support Youth Ministry in the Congregations They Serve

Many pastors have a desire to see youth ministry flourish in the places they serve, but it’s not always clear how the pastor might contribute to that flourishing. Here are three ways for pastors to start actively supporting youth ministry.

Age to Age: An Intergenerational Study of Spiritual Practices

The topics for these studies are spiritual practices which are important for Christians, regardless of age. As an intergenerational study, supportive adults and parents can regularly serve as examples in these practices and young people who are learning to incorporate them in their everyday life. This is a four part study that can be used in a variety of settings.

Short Prayers for a Big Future: For Fear

Gen Z can be afraid of a frightening and uncertain world, and afraid of their futures. They’re inordinately worried about school, careers, relationships, and mistakes. Join us in praying for young people and their fear.

What Teen Leaders Want Adult Leaders to Know

During the 2021 National Lutheran Youth Workers Conference, we asked our YouthLead participants what they wanted the adult leaders in their Youth Ministry to know. These were some of their responses. We are so grateful for how God is working through amazing teens in our congregation.

7 Practices of Youth Ministry

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End Goals Podcast

End Goals is the podcast of LCMS Youth Ministry in the Office of National Mission. LCMS Youth Ministry Staff discuss practices for healthy youth ministry and interview practitioners who provide insight for experienced and new youth leaders.

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