Devotion – The Colossal Problem

The Colossians had heard and received the gospel of Jesus Christ, but they were also impacted to false teachers. These false teachers had a message that was not the true Christian gospel message. This devotion reminds us of our certainty in Jesus.

We’re Not Adults Yet: A Guide to Loving High School Seniors Well

We have the joy and privilege to be there and walk with our students through some of the most formative years of their lives. Many of our high school seniors are preparing for graduation and what comes next. Here are five ways you can make sure to care for your seniors as they transition.

Devotion – A Beautiful Place, A Beautiful People

As we look at the letter to the Colossians, we can see how they set their minds on things above and as a result, they were living and active in faith and love! In this first in a series, we look at how the physical condition of a church doesn’t always show us how beautiful the Gospel truly is.

When You Fast

It’s true, fasting isn’t necessary. But it can be good. This article helps us to think about the value of fasting as we approach Lent and how we can do it as a spiritual practice for our benefit.

Four Devotions for Ministry Teams – Encouragement from Paul

The life and writings of the Apostle Paul can help us provide a resource of thought-provoking inspiration for youth leaders. The meditations are intended to open a group meeting for adults. An opening devotion serves to orient the group around the task at hand, emphasizing the importance of putting our minds on God first and foremost.

Devotions for Ministry Teams – Modern Day Epistles

In this devotion for your youth ministry team, we talk about how we communicate to our young people and their families. In all the ways we reach out, we want to convey our genuine care and remind youth of God’s presence.

Devotions for Ministry Teams – Support and Stability

In this devotion for your youth ministry team meeting, we look at how God created us as relational beings. When we collaborate with others, we have greater potential to serve Him.

Building a Youth Ministry Team – Building for the Future

Building a youth ministry team can be an ongoing effort for lay and professional practitioners alike. In the final of three parts, we will discuss how you can ask and plan so your team is solid for the future.

Building a Youth Ministry Team – Starting the Search

Building a youth ministry team can be an ongoing effort for lay and professional practitioners alike. In the second of three parts, we will look at where to start your search to build your team.

Devotions for Ministry Teams – Encouraging and Equipping Young Leaders

In this devotion designed for your youth ministry team, we are reminded to take the time and encourage young leaders in a part of your youth ministry.

Building a Youth Ministry Team – Getting Started

Building a youth ministry team can be an ongoing effort for lay and professional practitioners alike. In the first of a series, we talk about how to prepare before starting to build your team.

Raising Up Adults who Champion Teens – Part Two

What do youth champions in your congregation look like? What are practical steps to get there? In this second of two parts, we will look at both easy steps and important outcomes for developing adults who champion young people in your congregation.

Devotions for Ministry Teams – Strength in Weakness

In this devotion designed for your youth ministry team, we focus on how all we do is God at work through us. We are weak but God is strong.

Balance of Play in Youth Ministry

Healthy youth ministry should strike a balance between developmentally appropriate activities, time to build relationships, and study of God’s Word, prayer, and other spiritual practices. This article considers some of the important balances a healthy youth ministry needs to strike when it comes to play!

Advent Devotion – O Come, Desire of Nations

In this last verse of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” (along with the passage from Isaiah 60) expands our vision to see the work God has done for us is just a part of the even bigger work He has done and is still doing in the world.

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Keep it Together!: Nurturing and Maintaining Connections with Youth

When working with young people, building trust and maintaining connections are always essential components of youth ministry. Teenagers need those solid relational dynamics now more than ever, as the challenges of Covid-19 have in many ways forced separation from peers. It is essential to demonstrate genuine concern and to create a sense of encouraging warmth for students struggling in the turbulent uncertainty of daily life.