Bible Study – Who is God?

This Bible Study series focuses on several of the amazing and wonderful characteristics of God. He is limitless, yet loving; beyond human comprehension, yet wants to know us personally. Each study will concentrate on one or two attributes of God. Students will explore Scripture to identify the meaning of each attribute, and will evaluate how that deepens their awe of and love for our Heavenly Father. The study is designed for easy use via technology.

Help for Talking with Youth about Racism

One of the end goals of youth ministry that we list is that young people and the church embrace and value the diversity of ethnicity, language, and culture in God’s creation. It’s important to address issues of race and racism with your youth.


Searching for what is true in a world of filtered realities? Get familiar with the promises God makes to you. Here’s a few to get you started: God loves you (Rom. 5:8), forgives you (1 John 1:9), and is always with you (Matt. 28:20).

Bible Study: Life’s Big Stresses Call for One Big God

Life’s Big Stresses Call for One Big God calls us to lean into our Savior as we come to know that there is no crisis or circumstance that is bigger than our God, and can thrive in times of stress.

Lessons Learned Part 2: How a Pandemic is Shaping a Generation

Our future will undoubtedly be shaped by these times, and those who work with Gen Z must consider the ways this pandemic may affect the youngest generation, and what we can do to continue to work with and reach them right now.

Lessons Learned: How a Pandemic is Shaping a Generation

For those who will work with Gen Z for many years it’s crucial that we consider the ways this pandemic might affect a generation, and what we can do to continue to work with and reach them right now.

Bible Study: Grieving Ambiguous Loss

Loss is not always connected to tangible things. Sometimes it encompasses the disappointment of missing out on a long-awaited event or opportunity. This Bible study will help you gently guide them through this grieving process and offer consolation, hope, and appropriate Scripture.

Bible Study: Weep with Those Who Weep

When a friend or loved one is hurting, it can be difficult for adolescents to understand how they should best respond. It may feel awkward and even scary. Teens might wonder what to say or do. The purpose of this Bible study is to provide helpful ideas for teens to reach out to others who experience grief.

Bible Study: Moving from the Fear of Missing Out to the Joy of Missing Out

We will have times we are anxious, times we are afraid, times we covet, times we feel ungrateful and times we feel left out. God brings grace into our lives for those times and that grace just brings more joy. We will never miss out on God’s grace, and that’s the most joyous place to be.

Serving in Your Church and Community

The experience of working with others, learning in an unfamiliar environment and adapting to new surroundings forces us to examine ourselves spiritually, articulate our faith and strengthen our trust in the Lord! Download the Serving in Your Church and Community guide for more ways to serve.

At Home Discussion Guide for 40 Teaching End Goals for Youth Ministry

Teaching End Goals are 40 statements we pray teens know and personalize by the time they graduate from high school. Use this guide to discuss each of the 40 Teaching End Goals with your teen

From FOMO to Joy – Leader’s Guide

When life feels in ruins or just really mundane, we can sing and say and shout Joy because God never fails to show up with joy. Jesus is our comfort when the anxiety or sadness of FOMO creeps in.

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End Goals is the podcast of LCMS Youth Ministry in the Office of National Mission. LCMS Youth Ministry Staff discuss practices for healthy youth ministry and interview practitioners who provide insight for experienced and new youth leaders.

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