Bible Study: Fear

This study on Fear dives into the topic of fear, anxiety, and spiritual warfare. Participants will reflect on identifying fears, understanding temptation, and living as a fearless child of God even in the midst of fear.

Bible Study: The King in the Psalms

The King in the Psalms illustrates how the kingdom of God is an important theme running through the entire Bible. Participants will encounter God’s promises to send a Messianic King to save His people and rule over everything He had created.

Congregations Help Every Young Person Live out their Unique Vocation

The Lutheran understanding of vocation and the priesthood of all believers can be powerful for teens and young adults.

Congregations Help Every Young Person Discover a Resilient Identity in Christ

Healthy youth ministry fosters youth who can face the challenges of the world with humble confidence, staying rooted in Christ.

Congregations Help Every Young Person Deeply Understand their Baptismal Faith

In Baptism, young people are brought to the water and God’s Word and given the forgiveness of sins, new life, and eternal life.

Healthy Congregations have Opportunities to Serve & Lead

Opportunities to serve and lead can be stretching for youth as they develop and learn new skills.

Healthy Congregations have Warmth, Challenge, & Grace

Church communities can build trust, Christ-like relationships, and support that helps weather the storms of teenage and young adult years.

Healthy Congregations have Supportive Adults

While parents may be the most critical person in a youth’s faith life, other supportive adults can play a significant role in encouraging, challenging, and walking alongside youth throughout their lives.

Healthy Congregations have Engaged Parents

The role of the congregation is to practice empowering all parents to actively engage in their children’s faith lives.

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Unintentional Neglect: Keeping Track of a Generation

We know we should do a better job of keeping track of where our youth and young adults are after they are confirmed and graduate from high school. We also know we could be more diligent in staying connected with them. However, so many other things get in the way or prevent us from fulfilling our responsibility to tend the flock, and they just slip through the cracks and are gone.

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