Helping College Students Navigate Academic Expectations

For College Students, grades and academic achievement can easily become an idol. Read here some strategies to help them put that desire in the proper spot, as an outflow of their vocations in light of who they are in Christ.

Sharing Scripture and Prayer on Social Media

As we look at social media and technology in youth ministry, we want to provide downloadable resources for you to use in your ministry.

Devotions in Acts – Miracles and Vocation

In the last of our Acts Devotions, we talk about how the early church experienced miracles and how God uses us in our vocation to bring healing today.

Bible Study – I Am: Who You Are Because of Who Jesus Is

When you ask a young person, “who are you?” you’ll get a variety of answers. In this six session series you’ll look at Jesus’ identity through His seven “I am” statements in the Gospel of John, and in doing so, learn more about who you are as a result of who Jesus is.

Devotions in Acts – Pointing Forward to Jesus

In our next devotion in Acts, we look at Peter’s sermon on Pentecost. Peter reminds those listening, including us, that all of Scripture points to Jesus.

Keep Dancing as a Lifelong Learner

Our job as youth ministry leaders is to help translate God’s eternal living Word to the constantly changing cultures and people around us. In order to do this well and to stay rooted in God’s Word, we have to lifelong learners who encourage our youth to do the same.

Bible Study: Beyond Broken

Beyond Broken is a six-week study focused on God’s intent for identity and relational wholeness. The study begins with a larger discussion focused on gender, and specifically, on God’s design for male and female and how they were intended to be in relationship with one another.

Devotions in Acts – Tongues of Fire

In the second of our series of devotions on Acts, how God used the Holy Spirit as tongues of fire at Pentecost to help the disciples share the Gospel.

Skit – Put on Your Holy Armor

Young people are going to be faced with a variety of challenging situations as they walk through life. This skit focuses on the Armor of God from Ephesians 6:10-18 and helping teens develop a resilient identity in Christ that can navigate challenges with the gifts that God graciously provides.

Devotions in Acts – New Covenant in Jesus’ Blood

In the first of our series of devotions on Acts, we look at the disciples as they pick a twelfth disciple.

Baptism Devotion – Baptized into Something Bigger Than Just Me

In a time of division, your Baptism builds a bridge between you and billions of people. In this devotion, we are reminded in Baptism we are unified in Christ.

Bible Study – Baptism: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

This study is designed to be done as a standalone study, particularly on a Sunday when there may be a Baptism happening in worship. The hope is that such a study will encourage meaningful conversation about how young people can deeply understand their Baptismal Faith. Even though we will get many gifts in this life, no gift is greater or continual gift like the gifts we receive in Baptism.

Baptism Devotion – Newness of Life

We love new things, but you have been made new and forgiven because of your Baptism. Read more in this third devotion on Baptism for young people.

Devotion – Living as the Baptized

How does our Baptism and being raised in Christ change us? In this final devotion on Colossians, we are reminded of just how powerfully God works through our Baptism everyday.

Baptism Devotion: Why Do We Baptize in First Place?

Of all the things we do together as a church, why do we Baptize? In this devotion we consider how Baptism is an invitation and a gift Jesus gave us.

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Keep it Together!: Nurturing and Maintaining Connections with Youth

When working with young people, building trust and maintaining connections are always essential components of youth ministry. Teenagers need those solid relational dynamics now more than ever, as the challenges of Covid-19 have in many ways forced separation from peers. It is essential to demonstrate genuine concern and to create a sense of encouraging warmth for students struggling in the turbulent uncertainty of daily life.