Skit and Devotion – Law, Gospel, and What?

Understanding and applying Law and Gospel is a hard balance! While both are completely necessary; we can’t have one without the other. This skit and devotion are designed to help you teach about Law and Gospel in a funny and relatable way.

Supporting College Students from Your Congregation

Our college students have been placed by God in relationships with so many new people in their vocation as student to be able to give reason for the hope that they have in Christ. Here are six practical ways to support your college students from your congregation as they transition.

Family Ties: Incorporating Parents into Confirmation

Facilitating parental involvement in Confirmation can help it feel less like a graduation and more an avenue for relational development. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate parents in Confirmation in order to encourage long-term participation and spiritual growth.

Family Devotion – Members of the Household of God

In this final family devotion we talk about the blessings of family extend far beyond those we live with or are related to – all believers are a part of God’s family!

Full House and Faith Conversations

Sitcoms can make having tough conversations look easy, but they aren’t always. Youth leaders can support parents in having faith conversations regularly in the home. Read valuable ideas and inspiration here.

Equipping Families to Matter: Five Ways to Communicate with Parents

In an age where parents are bombarded with communication from school and various activities they’re involved with, how do we get a seat at their table? How do we both update them on the ministry happening with their kids and equip them to continue the faith conversations at home? Here are five ways to communicate from your youth ministry to parents.

Family Devotions – Family of Forgiveness

Although families can be a blessing from God, sometimes, they struggle. In this devotion we learn about how Joseph and his brothers are a great example of how God can work through family conflict.

Inspiring Events for Your Campus Ministry

College students are always looking for things to do, ways to connect, and hosting open events can help providing those opportunities and connect them to your ongoing campus ministry. Here are some key ideas to help inspire you in planning your next campus ministry event.

Social Media through the Filter of Christ

In ministry we might talk about social media as the boogieman. Instead, here are five ways we can talk to youth about how we process what we see and consume on social media through the filter of our faith and set Christ-centered boundaries.

Think Before You Post: Social Media Risk Management for Youth Workers

We want to meet young people where they are at with the Gospel, but modern technology presents youth workers with an extra layer of challenge. As you navigate social media, it is important to consider how to manage risk so both you and your youth are protected and cared for.

Bible Study – Walking in the Light: Shining His Light on Mental Health

This series of five studies youth ministries can talk about how God is able to work in and through us, even in times where we struggle with our mental health. This is particularly important after a year which was stressful for almost everyone. The darkness of this world and in our minds is no match for our REAL, PRESENT God! Jesus is the ONE and ONLY source of eternal light.

Bible Study Series – The Power of Play

In each of this five-part Bible study series on play, participants will grow in God’s Word around the topic of play and gain a foundation for how God views play. Participants and leaders will also identify the essence of play and develop a stronger sense of their own unique needs and experiences associated with play and connecting with God through play.

Connected but Alone: Navigating the Curse of Social Media

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. It connects us and opens doors, but can create problems, quietly destroy people, and isolate us. As we seek to help young people navigate through the quagmire of social media, we must be mindful that perspective is key. We can use social media as a tool to connect us to each other and to the Gospel.

Help for Talking with Youth about Racism

One of the end goals of youth ministry that we list is that young people and the church embrace and value the diversity of ethnicity, language, and culture in God’s creation. It’s important to address issues of race and racism with your youth.

How to Help Youth Cope after a Suicide

Tips for leaders, with common questions youth may ask

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Keep it Together!: Nurturing and Maintaining Connections with Youth

When working with young people, building trust and maintaining connections are always essential components of youth ministry. Teenagers need those solid relational dynamics now more than ever, as the challenges of Covid-19 have in many ways forced separation from peers. It is essential to demonstrate genuine concern and to create a sense of encouraging warmth for students struggling in the turbulent uncertainty of daily life.