During this uncertain time of the COVID-19 pandemic, LCMS Youth Ministry is providing encouragement and new resources for youth and young adult ministry.

College Coming Home

With the help of some wise and gracious 20-something friends, Shelly Schwalm offers some ideas for walking with college students in your midst during this time.

Ambiguous Loss

Our youth have lost long awaited and meaningful moments, and that loss can be deeply painful. As they grieve, we, as people who love and care for young people in our church, we can be loving, constant and Christ-centered examples of how to manage difficult times.

Intergenerational Connections During Social Distancing

In a time of uncertainty and fear, helping young people and older adults connect can help the light of the Gospel shine through.

Ten Tips for Youth and Young Adult Video Meetings

Sometimes it’s difficult to connect with students face to face. Time, distance or times of disaster might mean that you must use other tools to connect. Video meetings are a great tool to help build those relationships.

Forced Into A New Frontier: Youth Ministry In the Age of COVID-19

Coronavirus has fundamentally changed nearly aspect of our daily lives. It’s worth exploring how this is affecting our children and youth, how we can attempt to reach them in the midst of this crisis, and how we can take care of ourselves right now as we attempt to serve others.

Headlines and Heartaches: Current Events in Light of the Gospel

Headlines and Heartaches addresses the fear, anger, and frustration that comes from living in an ever-changing world. Participants will come away from this study with God’s timeless truths for navigating a world of change.

Bible Study: Real. Present. God. In Life Issues

Real. Present. God. In Life Issues! explores sensitive and serious topics such as abortion, assisted suicide, and ethical disagreements. Participants will realize that life issues involve more than political issues or personal choices.

Worship: Christ in the Midst of Crisis

a Stations of the Cross styled worship experience for Lent

Devotion: Trouble

devotion on Psalm 46:1-5

Lent Resources

Resources for Lent and Easter

youthESource provides Jesus-centered resources
to those at work with youth in the congregation and beyond.

7 Practices of Youth Ministry

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Real. Present. God. Resources

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Word One Lectionary Bible Studies

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LCMS Young Adult Research

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End Goals Podcast

End Goals is the podcast of LCMS Youth Ministry in the Office of National Mission. LCMS Youth Ministry Staff discuss practices for healthy youth ministry and interview practitioners who provide insight for experienced and new youth leaders.

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