It can be important to have icebreaker games as a way to get your youth building community and encouraging joy together with your youth. This can be particularly true after Covid. Here are some encouragements and ideas for icebreakers.
Here are four low prep icebreakers that take a little bit of prep for your youth group.
Here are four low prep, low supply icebreakers for your youth group.
Many teens spend time interacting with friends over the internet, and that can lead to feeling nervous our unsure about face to face interactions. In the same way, they may not feel like youth ministry is a place where they can be honest and share their thoughts and feelings. This activity helps you to practice having healthy discussions about their lives and feelings within the Christian community that can offer both Law and Gospel with a sense of warmth, challenge, and grace.
Healthy youth ministry should strike a balance between developmentally appropriate activities, time to build relationships, and study of God’s Word, prayer, and other spiritual practices. This article considers some of the important balances a healthy youth ministry needs to strike when it comes to play!
There are many ways that we can incorporate play in working with youth. Games and structured exercises can help communicate Biblical truths and promote spiritual growth. Kristen helps us to think critically about the value and use of play in your youth ministry.
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