Our youth have a lot of big questions. Our God has a lot of big answers. This youth-led Bible study series is meant to equip the participants for a Christ-centered discussion of these big questions and how they impact their decisions for their future.
We want our young people engaged in prayer, reading Scripture, confession and absolution, worship, and service. This study is designed to help teens to deeply understand these practices and discover how God desires to serve each of us through them. It should also give language, modeling, and ideas for practice so that as the Holy Spirit empowers them, they may regularly engage God’s gifts in these practices.
In Vocation: Right Here, Right Now, we will explore your unique vocations as a gift of God from your Baptism. This is a video based curriculum designed for YouthLead, and made for young leaders to use in their congregation.
This curriculum was used in 2020 during our YouthLead retreat. It focuses on helping youth understand their Baptismal identity and how it impacts their everyday faith. In our Baptism, we receive God's promises and God's work is on display. As Baptized children of God, the Holy Spirit strengthens us for all we will experience in life, especially as we are called to be different in this world.
In the 2021 YouthLead curriculum, A Walk Made Worthy, we will explore how young people can remain humbly confident in their faith through times of struggle, times of joy and times of temptation.
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