Download the PDF of Devotions and Bible Studies here.

Real. Present. God. is a six session study with parallel devotions that takes passages from the book of Psalms, full of material about our God’s power and presence.

These devotions and Bible studies are intended to help participants interact with God’s Word; and be tools for building the community of servants. Many of the themes were pulled from the Real. Present. God. theme of the 2019 LCMS Youth Gathering.

These studies were originally designed for use every day during a week-long LCMS Servant event. There is a rhythm to the morning devotions and the evening Bible studies. That is purposeful.
At each morning devotion, participants are asked to commit to one “Take Some Action” exercise. It is a tangible action they can take, with God’s help, to live out the Gospel that day. In order for this step to be effective, it is important to check back on that in the evening Bible study.

Included is a pre-event Bible study, a commissioning service and then parallel morning devotions and evening Bible studies.

  • Sessions One and Two focus on “Real” using Psalm 44 and Psalm 40
  • Session Three and Four focus on “Present” using Psalm 119 and Psalm 28
  • Session Five and Six focus on “God” using Psalm 16 and Psalm 9

Download the PDF of Devotions and Bible Studies here.