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This skit focuses on the Armor of God from Ephesians 6:10-18. Young people are going to be faced with a variety of challenging situations as they walk through life. Youth ministry should help young people develop a resilient identity in Christ that can navigate challenges with the gifts that God graciously provides. This skit could be followed by a more in-depth study of the Ephesians passage or one of the studies on the YouthESource which focus on developing resiliency.

You will need a bubble wrap and a Bible for this skit.


JOE- idea enthusiast

AMY- his smart Christian friend


(JOE is wrapping himself up in lots of bubble wrap. AMY enters holding a Bible)

AMY: ….Do I even want to know what’s going on this time?

JOE: (excited) No, no! This one’s a good idea!

AMY: Is this anything like your “idea” for your rodent basketball team?

JOE: (slightly embarrassed) I’ll admit they had some trouble dribbling the ball…and shooting hoops…and grasping the concept of the game… (shakes head, refocused) But this idea is SO much better than that!

AMY: Or what about your idea to recreate Thomas Jefferson’s home completely out of marshmallows and name it “The Marshmallow Monticello”

JOE: I really underestimated how big his house was and how small marshmallows actually are.  But THIS one, this is IT! This is a good idea!!

AMY: (skeptical) And what exactly is this “idea”?

JOE: Well you know the armor of God? Like from Ephesians 6?

AMY: Yeah?

JOE: Well that is what I’m making! (gestures to himself)

AMY: You’re making the armor of God…out of bubble wrap?

JOE: (as if obvious) Um, yeah.

AMY: You realize the armor of God isn’t actual armor, right? Like not the kind that we wear.

JOE: I know, I know. It’s spiritual armor.

AMY: …Then what are you doing?

JOE: This is just a physical recreation.

AMY: And you decided to do that out of…bubble wrap?

JOE: Well how else would you do it?

AMY: I’m confused.

JOE: I just wanted something more…realistic.

AMY: Realistic? You’re kidding, right?

JOE: (shaking head) Nope. It just feels more authentic to me.

AMY: Please explain to me how this (gestures to him) is more authentic to you.

JOE: Well this is what the armor of God is all about: keeping us nice and safe from harm and danger, just like bubble wrap does. In the armor of God, I am protected from all evil, cause let’s be real: it gets scary out there. People are mean and life gets hard. It’s so much easier to stay in my little God bubble right here.

AMY: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I think you got the message of the armor of God all wrong.

JOE: No, I didn’t. God is here to protect us in this snuggly warm armor so I can just chill and never be hurt again.

AMY: Not exactly.

JOE: Not exactly?

AMY: No, God’s Armor isn’t there to shield us from everything bad in the world; It’s to prepare us for what’s out there! You can’t just sit and hide-

JOE: I dunno, “sit and hide” is my middle name.

AMY: Your middle name is Taylor.

JOE: I mean technically. The point is, I thought God was supposed to protect us.

AMY: He does. But just because you follow God does not guarantee an easy life. Quite the opposite actually. There are many hardships a Christian is going to face throughout their lifetime.

JOE: (shocked) Oh. Well, what happened to God always being there for you and all that stuff?

AMY: Who said He’s not there? You may be going through hard times, but that doesn’t mean God abandoned you. He’s right by your side, every step of the way. And he gave us tools like the armor of God to help make our way in a hectic world.

JOE: Okay, clearly somewhere along the way reading Ephesians 6 I misinterpreted the armor of God.

AMY: (looks JOE up and down. Sarcastically) Really? You think?

JOE: Could we just do some brushing up on the concept?

AMY: Sure thing, buddy. (opens up Bible) So Ephesians 6:10-18 lists six pieces to the armor of God: the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and sword of the spirit.

JOE: Just sounds like a fun time of metaphorical dress up to me.

AMY: No, no no. See, these are the tools to help us take on the world and all that’s in it. What all this is trying to say is that God never leaves us and gives us things to help us-

JOE: (joking) Like swords and shields?

AMY: More like the Word of God and prayer. Sometimes we might feel small and totally defeated but God’s always there through prayer and always active in His Word to help in our day to day lives. Just listen to this from John 16: 33 (reads from Bible) “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (looks back at JOE) See, Jesus has already conquered sin, death and the devil, so what’s left to fear?

JOE: … Okay I get your point, but wouldn’t it be a lot cooler if he gave us all swords and shields?

AMY: (laughing) I don’t trust you with bubble wrap, let alone a sword.

JOE: I guess so. (looks down at himself) And I guess you’re right about this Armor of God thing, too. It’s really not supposed to protect us from never getting hurt, it’s to equip us to take on this sinful world.

AMY: (thumbs up) You got it.

JOE: Well, while you help me unwrap this bubble wrap, I want to tell you my new idea of-

AMY: (laughing, rolling eyes) Not this again.

JOE: No, no! This idea is a really, really good one!

Download a PDF of the Script Here.