by Ken Olson and Sheryl Olson

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Pentecost 6B Gospel.

Text: Mark 6:1-13 for the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, Lectionary Series B


Participants will

  1. Examine, discuss and participate in a process of renewing the church.
  2. Recognize that God provides what Is needed.
  3. Identify times when he or she has Intentionally participated In the mission of Jesus.


Enough old-looking toy cars for every member In your group. (A local thrift store would be a great place to find these Items.)
Paper and pencil for each member


Divide the group Into groups of 6-8. If you can, try and have one adult In each group to help facilitate discussion. Hand out the following questions and activity for each adult leader to follow.


  1. The leader should share “the story” that Is behind the car you have chosen. Encourage the participants to be creative In their descriptions. For example, who owned It? What did he/she do for a living? Was the car eventually traded in for a new car or did the owner consider it a classic? If it was traded in, why? What do you think makes an old car good or bad? Ask other members to share “their story” behind their cars.
  2. The leader should share the following make-believe situation with his/her group. You have just moved to a town where there are two churches. One has been there 65 years with a membership of 1000 The other church has been there for only 2 years with a membership of 150. Have the group make a list of pros and cons for attending each of the churches. Return to the large group. As a large group, vote on which church they think would be “more alive” and share why they voted the way they did.


Read Mark 6:1-6.

  1. In this section of the Bible, Jesus has returned to his old church. Recall that he was not welcomed back. Why do you think he got the response that he did? Does this response match any of your reasons for not wanting to go to an old church?
  2. Despite this reaction, Jesus was probably excited about returning back to his home. How do you think your church would have reacted if Jesus had returned to your church?
  3. In verses 3-6, the people seemed not to listen to Jesus. Why do you think others have a hard time listening? Do you think others felt threatened by Jesus? Explain.

Read Mark 6:7-13.

  1. Have the small group leader go back and read each verse, pause a moment and ask each person in the group to write a thought or phrase that pops into his/her head about each verse.
  2. At the end of this reading, have each person share aloud what he or she has written.
  3. Ask the group to think about what seems to be the most difficult aspect of the job for the Twelve.
  4. Discuss what would be the hardest part for you?
    1. Not knowing the people?
    2. Having no money, suitcase of clothes or food?
    3. Knowing that some will not like you for what you say?
    4. Leaving a place because you failed?
    5. Other
  5. In the text Mark shares with us some evidence of the job being accomplished by the twelve disciples. Who ultimately was responsible for their success?


Think back to the cars with which we began our study. To help an old car become priceless, certain things could be done to fix it up. Compare the following list to your church.

  • a tune up would mean the church could do…
  • a new set of tires would help do…
  • a paint job…
  • new headlights…
  • a car equipped with a map…

Please complete one or more of the following endings. If none of these fit for you, supply your own statement.

  1. What excited me about this reading was…
  2. I was surprised that. . .
  3. I was confused by. . .
  4. A new learning for me was…


Therefore, !he Gospel can renew its people and the mission of the Church. Think about what your youth group can do to help build and renew the church to reflect Jesus’ message to us.

Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 19, 1996.

Updated for youthESource in June  2015