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Take advantage of these resources as you plan events and Bible studies for the Advent season.

Christmas through the Eyes of Angels by Pastor Ben Meyer
In this short Bible study, we think about Christmas from the perspective of the angels. Angels are fascinating creatures give us a new perspective of the God’s story of salvation as we approach the birth of Jesus.

What to Wait For: An Advent Skit, by Brianna Dehn
This is a great interactive opener for talking about Advent with very little prep

Advent: A Time Worth Waiting For, by Jonathan Ruehs
Why we celebrate Advent, and a few things to do with youth during the season of waiting.

Advent and Christmas Social Media Posts

Advent Bible Studies

Visiting with Angels, by Heath Lewis (three parts)
In the stories surrounding Christ’s birth, we see several encounters people had with angels. Ordinary people, like you and I, were visited with extra-ordinary messages from God. In this series, we will take a look at their stories: the hope that God brought to Zechariah and Elizabeth; the trust that Mary showed in God’s promises; the Good News that was given first to the shepherds.

The Nativity Story, by Matt Behrens (four parts)
Based on the movie The Nativity Story.

Studies on the Gospel readings for Lectionary Series A
Be Prepared – Advent 1, by Joe Cox
Out of the Old, Into the New – Advent 2, by Joe Cox
The Messiah has Come – Advent 3, by Joe Cox
The Name of Jesus – Advent 4, by Brent McGuire

Studies on the Gospel readings for Lectionary Series B
Keep Watch – Advent 1, by Bob Baker
Preparing the Way for Jesus – Advent 2, by David M. Benson
Shedding Light on the Light – Advent 3, by Dave and Shelly Karolus
Honey, Sit Down, We Need to Talk – Advent 4, by Christ Drager

Studies on the Gospel readings for Lectionary Series C
The Great Unknown – Advent 1, by Marianne Hart
Getting Ready – Advent 2, by Marianne Hart

Advent Devotions

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by Casey Kegley
As we start the season of Advent, it’s worth us pausing to reflect on the things we remember and ask for God to be with us in this time. Pastor Casey Kegley takes us youth through a series of devotions bringing out themes of waiting in the hymn, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

Candles of Advent, by Hannah Miller Leftwich
The Candle of Hope – Because of Jesus’ great love for us, we are no longer lost. Through His death and resurrection, we have been given new life and a new hope.
The Candle of Preparation – As we prepare for Christmas, and the many distractions it brings, we can be thankful that Jesus has conquered all of the distractions, rough places and uneven ground in our lives.
The Candles of Joy and Love – We have been given real hope and real love. We have been given these things in a Savior who has died on the cross for us, defeated death by rising again, and has prepared for us an eternal home in heaven, in which we have a hope that will not be disappointed.

Immanuel, God with Us, by Rebekah Freed
Immanuel, God with Us…When Life is Tough – Right from the moment the angel showed up on the scene, he was sure to remind her that she was not alone. In that exciting, yet likely scary and confusing moment, God was with her.
Immanuel, God with Us…When We’re Afraid of What’s Next – In Matthew’s account of the birth of Christ, we get to peek into Joseph’s mind and heart as a similar fear and confusion began to fill his soul–not about colleges and scholarships–but definitely about what would happen next.
Immanuel, God with Us…When It Seems Like There’s No Place for Us – Do you ever feel like there’s “no room in the inn” for you?
Immanuel, God with Us…Providing Others To Walk With Us As Well – Sometimes you just need a hug…and God provides.

Waiting Advent Devotions, by Tawn Bueltmann
Mary – Like Mary, we can trust God’s plan and eagerly await the time when we will be with Him again.
Joseph – As we wait, we can help people as Joseph (the Old Testament Joseph) did, using the gifts and abilities God gives us.
Simeon – Simeon waited for the Savior and God allowed him to see Him. Like Simeon, we need a Savior.
Anna – After years of waiting, God blessed Anna with the opportunity to meet the young Savior.

Advent Skits & Dramas

Advent Gospel Drama Series, by Dean Nadasdy
These dramas are intended for use in the worship service either prior to or following the reading of the Sunday Gospel. Through parable, fantasy or direct reference, this series is a way to capture the obvious and the subtle themes in the Gospels for Advent through Epiphany (Lectionary Series B). The series includes:
Sleeper, Awake, based on Mark 13:33-37
Ready or Not, based on Mark 1:1-8
Your Name in Lights, based on John 1:6-8, 19-28
Are You Sure You Can Be Sure?, based on Luke 1:26-38
Hark the Glad Sound, based on Luke 2:1-20 and John 1:1-18
Too Bad About Simeon, based on Luke 2:25-3
Star Struck, based on Matthew 2:1-12

Worship Service: Celebrating Advent, by Walter Schoedel
In Advent we prepare in humility for the holy joy of welcoming God’s Son. The season brings a note of repentance and rejoicing. This worship resource helps us to prepare and rejoice.

And if you’re looking ahead to Christmas, check out these Christmas Resources.

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Top Five Sabbath Fails

God gave us Sabbath for a purpose but there are lots of ways we can misunderstand it. This skit is designed to help highlight (with a little hyperbole!) some of the ways we understand and misunderstand Sabbath.

Three Nativity Visitors

Three Nativity Visitors

As we consider Christ in the manager, this skit helps us hear from the voices of in the nativity. We hear their stories and from God’s Word to remind us that in Jesus we witness God’s plan of forgiveness and love born for us in this child.

Don’t Doubt the Truth: A Skit about Thomas

Don’t Doubt the Truth: A Skit about Thomas

This play is designed to be in modern day take with the character of the disciple Thomas and connects it in more modern terms when it comes to truth and doubt. This is one of three skits that take the same approach to Bible verses.

The Lions in Our Lives: A Skit about Daniel

The Lions in Our Lives: A Skit about Daniel

This play is designed to be a take on telling the Daniel story from scripture. The character of Daniel connects in more modern terms to how we are tempted to follow our friends rather than God. This is first of three skits that take the same approach to Bible verses that will come out in the next months.

Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

This skit is designed to start a conversation about what kind of leader God calls and empowers us to be. As young leaders struggle, this skit reminds us to put Christ at the center of all we do.


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