Skit: Born to Set Us Free

A Christmas drama. Download a PDF of Born to Set Us Free.


Balthasar: Welcome, welcome! We’re happy to see such a large crowd here tonight.

Caspar: It brings us such joy to see so many interested in hearing about Christ’s birth year after year.

Melchior: (interrupting and pointing)  Follow that star!

Balthasar: (shoots an odd look at Melchior and continues)  It is our prayer that tonight you will be rejuvenated and inspired to live your life sharing Jesus message in your daily life.

Melchior: (interrupting louder)  Follow that star!  (This time he moves toward the front of the stage looking up.)

Balthasar: Melchior, we’re trying to tell a story here.

Melchior: (turning)  Ha! You’re putting me to sleep.

Caspar: We haven’t even started yet.

Melchior: That’s exactly the point! Now, let’s follow that star!

Balthasar: You’re not making any sense.

Melchior: Just let me tell the story here, will ya? (Balthasar and Caspar look at one another unsure of what to do as Melchior continues talking to the audience.)  Do you see that star up there? That’s where we’re headed. Lets go.

Published October 16, 2009

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