“About noon, O king, as I was on the road, I saw a light from heaven, brighter than the sun, blazing around me and my companions.” (Acts 26:13)

Do you ever wish you could wake up early enough everyday just to watch the sun rise? So often we take for granted what we have been given by God. We don’t deserve to see the sun rise and set each day. I wish I could take the time to truly appreciate the beauty of this brightness created by God!    

The verse here is not one that randomly fits the devotion, but I can be sure that God planned. I would recommend turning to the book of Acts and reading the whole passage. Basically, Paul is defending himself against all the accusations he has received. As he tells his stories, he describes various events, most specifically in this verse, when he was converted. He said he saw, “a light from heaven, BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN.” What does this mean exactly? I see Paul describing this light as being Jesus himself! Through Christ alone, Saul was no longer a murderer, but a child of God!

Christ is a light beyond description. His LOVE is beyond things of this world and things of this galaxy! Jesus is indeed the light of the world, the sun cannot compare! God’s SON lived in our world, and watched the sun rise and set just like we do, but He came to do more, He came to die and rise again so that we may live eternally with Him!

Prayer –

Dear God, may you continue to remind us of your love and light in our lives. May we enjoy the sunlight, which you have created, and be reminded of the light and love of Christ, your Son, which is even brighter!
Published October 2009