Imagine three little ones, yet unborn, considering their future in a pretty messed up world. Like them, we lean on the grace of “the One in Charge.”
You can download a PDF of The One in Charge Knows. If you use it, let us know in the comments!
Themes: Faithfulness, Following Christ, God’s Plans, Hope, Sanctity of Life, National Youth Gathering, In the World
This skit was first performed as part of the worship service for CHOSEN, the 2007 National LCMS Youth Gathering.
To stage: Simply use three stools or chairs and place together. The actors should move and stretch as if “in utero”. Costuming can be simple with solid colored t-shirts and jeans or dark pants.

Introduction: (read by the Liturgist): Recently, a study of a set of unborn triplets confi rmed that

these little ones relate to one another in their mother’s womb and even show signs of sibling rivalry. Imagine three little ones, yet unborn, considering their future in a pretty messed up world. Like them, we lean on the grace of “the One in Charge,” as we consider the choices of our lives.

1: (looking up) I think she’s eating.
2: She eats a lot.
1: She eats a lot of the same thing. I could use a little more variety.
3: I could use a little music. I l love it when she plays music. Any idea how much longer?
2: Until the music starts to play?
3: No, until we get born. When do we get born? That’s what this is about, isn’t it?
2: We’ll know when it’s time. The One in charge decides.
1: The One in charge? (looking up) Is that her? Is Mom in charge?
2: I don’t think so. I think she reports to someone else.
3: I bet it’s Dad. Dad’s the one in charge, isn’t he?
2: He doesn’t have a clue. He so nervous, he gets the hiccups every time he thinks we’re ready

to be born?

3: Then who…
2: You ask too may questions. The One in charge knows.
1: But can we trust the One in charge?
2: I think so.
1: Are you sure?
2: Something tells me He’s been here. The One in charge – He knows we’re here. He knows

what it’s like.

1: In here or out there?
2: Ah…both…maybe. In here and out there! Yes, both!
3: That’s reassuring. (pause) But can you prove it?
2: Well, (thinking), I don’t think we’d be here if the One in charge didn’t want us here. Maybe

we’re the proof you’re looking for. We’re here! Someone put us here, and so far that

Someone has done a good job taking care of us.

3: You’re very bright for not being born.
2: I listen. If you wouldn’t sleep so much, you’d know more, too.
3: I wonder if they know us. Do you think they know us?
2: They know we’re a girl and two boys. I heard her tell him. He’s worried about paying for all

of us.

1: Are we expensive?
2: I have no idea. I heard her say she thinks we’re gifted already, all three of us!
1: Imagine that! Gifted! What’s gifted?


2: I think it means we’re very smart and will probably go to a day care center that prepares us

for an Ivy League secondary education.

1: So gifted means we’re expensive?
2: I think so.
3: I heard the news the other day. She had it playing in her ear while we walked.
I didn’t like what I heard.
2: What did you hear?
3: I heard that people are blowing up themselves and other people, too. That people are dying

in wars. That people are dying of drugs. I heard some of us are dying even before we get

born. Scary. Very scary.

2: It’s nasty out there alright.
3: (to No. 2) When the time comes, you go first. Okay?
2: I can’t make any promises.
1: Yeah, Sis, take a quick look and let out a yell if everything looks safe.
2:: I don’t think we can expect safe.
1: Fine. Then Bro’ and I will stay right here.
2: That’s a short-term plan. You’ll run out of space, you know.
1: You’re leaving. That will help.
2: You’ll still run out of space. Anyway, we don’t have a choice. We’ll be fine. Honest.

We’re not the first ones to do this.

1: I just wish I knew for sure we’d be safe.
2: Look at it this way. We’re safe in here with the One in charge, and that may just be a sign that

the One in charge will keep us safe out there, too. You can believe it.

1: I like you.
2: Thanks. I think I hear music. Do you hear it?
3: Very nice, but who in the world is 50 Cent? (pause) Do you think we’re really gifted?
2: I do. Maybe not the way they think, but I think we’re gifted, really gifted.
1: And expensive?
2: Yes. The One in charge paid a lot for us, more than anything in the world. I think we’re

important, not just to them, but to the One in charge.

3: I think I just heard Dad hiccup.
2: Better he than she.
3: Right. I think I’ll take a little nap now.
1: (to 3) Would you mind not leaning on me so much. Lean on her for a while.
2: (to 1) And while we’re at it, keep your thumb in your own mouth, okay?
3: I wonder what the One in Charge has planned for us. I wonder if…
2: The One in charge knows. Now, please, can we settle down and stop with the questions?
3: So who goes first when the time comes?
2: The One in charge knows. He’ll decide. (They begin to snuggle together and rest.)
3: I hope you’re right.
1: (Snuggling) So do I. (Freeze; then exit.)