People of the Book? Considering Islam in America

During the week of reflection that marked five years since the tragedy of 9-11, National Public Radio ran a series of editorials, pieces, and features on the topic of Islam in America .  The content was varied, and the opinions and attitudes expressed by the listening audience in the days that followed equally varied.  Certainly, it would be an understatement to suggest that dialogue in the public is heating up; and the questions, misperceptions, attitudes, and growing opinions are not limited to adults.

In fall 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, thESource for Youth Ministry released a special edition titled: Why? Talking to Teens about Disaster, Relief, and Restoration. This fall, we again introduce a special resource of practical tools to assist youth workers in creating conversation, facilitating understanding, and providing direction to youth as they encounter diversity of faith–specifically Islam–in American culture.

9-11 was seven years ago, and nations remain embroiled in the Middle East, opinions fly and debates rage. In the midst of the dialogue, adolescent thoughts develop into more than just emotive reactions. Youth have had time to form real questions and are struggling with real questions that are rooted in their faith and can be addressed by God’s Word.

The theology surrounding the questions youth may ask is intense. The developmental reality of teens is also complex. Tapping into these heavy topics requires significant effort. thESource resource kit provides real, practical tools that youth workers, pastors, and parents can implement in a variety of settings as they chew on these tough topics with the adolescents in their care.

(Note: These documents are in Adobe PDF format.)

The resource kit includes:

Four Talk Sheets: Talk Sheets are eminently practical guides that use creative, focused activity to spark questions and conversation about Biblical and doctrinal truths in an effort to provide answers about deeper theological, social, relational issues confronting and confounding teenagers. Simply click on the title of the talk sheet to download the reproducible PDF.

The True Root of Terror: by Dr. Russ Moulds
Love Thy Neighbor – Boundary Stones: by Rev. Dr. Jerry Joersz
Righteous Wrath and Anger Management: by Rev. Peter Nafzger
But Is That Really Fair?:  A Skit based Talk Sheet by Rev. Jeff Kunze

Three “MINI” Studies by Dr. Reed Lessing designed to facilitate conversation about Old Testament topics that connect to an understanding of Islam. Supplemental resources are suggested with each. Simply click on the title of the Bible Study to download the reproducible PDF.

Holy War in the Bible
Whose Land Is It?
Broken Teeth, Bloody Baths and Baby Bashing – Is there any place for the Imprecatory Psalms?

Full Resource Guide Download (this is a LARGE file and will take time to download.)

Published July 16, 2007

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