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A Youth Ministry Manifesto

A Youth Ministry Manifesto

What is the future of youth ministry in the church – any church? Here are some thoughts. Continue reading

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What a Christ-Centered Youth Ministry Looks Like

A Christ-centered youth ministry has to do with what you celebrate. What you celebrate and how you talk reveals what’s at your core. It reveals what you desire. The question is: What do you desire? How does your desire relate to Jesus and Jesus’ way? Continue reading

0 Comments / 922 View / September 9, 2014

Congregation Based Youth Ministry

Congregation Based Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is congregation based. Continue reading

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The Church’s Mission to the World

Youth Ministry Challenges Young People to Take a Role in Shaping the Church’s Mission to the World Continue reading

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Life Issues and Youth Ministry

Youth ministry speaks to the full range of life issues of youth in the congregation and the community. Continue reading

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A Part Of, Not Apart From

A Part Of, Not Apart From

Youth Ministry is a part of and not apart from the congregation’s life and mission. Continue reading

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Youth Ministry is Family Inclusive

Youth ministry is family inclusive. Continue reading

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The Prepositions of Youth Ministry

The Prepositions of Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is ministry to, by, with, through and for youth. But what does this look like? Continue reading

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The Church of Today

Youth ministry yupports young people as full members of the church today as well as the church of the future. Continue reading

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Equipping the Young Saints

Equipping the Young Saints

Youth ministry equips youth to utilize their God-given gifts as faithful disciples. Continue reading

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