Helping Teens Hope and Cope in Hurting Families

All teens struggle with feeling hurt or sad at times, but some teens go through especially traumatic situations such as their parents divorcing, a death in the family, physical abuse, substance abuse, serious illnesses, or a variety of other difficult circumstances. You will be able to help the hurting teen best if you are also helping his or her family.

Devo: Jesus Ascended

Jesus ascended into heaven and a cloud covered Him from the disciples’ sight. But Jesus is not gone…

Built to Last: Youth Leadership Part 3

Adversity, criticism, and problems sometimes are why we don’t allow students to lead, but those things can also be some of the greatest tools we have to help our youth grow.

Devo: Baptism

In baptism, we share in Jesus’ resurrection and have access to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Devotion: Jesus is the Vine

Jesus is our true vine. Through Him, we receive everything we need to be strengthened in the faith.

Devotion: Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Jesus continues to wield His shepherd’s staff to care for us.

Devotion: Sensing Jesus

We have the opportunity to open our senses to the trustworthy promises of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

5 Steps Toward Creating An Outreach Culture in Your Youth Ministry

The good news is that Jesus is still in the business of finding the lost, giving new life to the dead and drawing the sinful and separated into an eternal relationship with Himself. So the question for us is: How can we, in our youth ministry, be used by God in creating a culture where the Gospel can be effectively shared?

Bible Study: Sharing Jesus – Sharing the Faith

This series of four Bible studies on sharing faith (being witnesses to the Gospel in our lives) is designed to help teens overcome fears and give them a simple framework to share the hope that they have in Jesus Christ.

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