Ministry…A Lonely Place

I call it the “Ministry of Presence,” because wherever you go, in whatever you are doing, you are available to minister to others.

Learnings from the Field: Vulnerability

I have learned during my short time in ministry that if you are open and vulnerable, people will feel comfortable with you and want to share.

Let’s Talk about Mental Health

Mental health concerns are a prominent part of the conversation in the lives of many people, so as youth workers, it’s important for us to understand the big picture and how it affects us both personally and professionally in our own ministry areas.

Healthy Life Rhythms

Our Creator desires for us to be healthy—physically, vocationally, emotionally, and spiritually. However, the effects of sin on the world mean that all people struggle to maintain healthy life rhythms.

Volunteer Longevity

Your longevity as a professional church worker or as a volunteer isn’t just good for you; it is important for young people now and in the future.

Movie Guide: Ready Player One

The movie Ready Player One deals with the struggles of Wade Watts as he tries to find identity and meaning in a dystopian future. Use this discussion guide to explore some of the themes.

All Things New: Making the Most of Adult Volunteers

Brandon offers a great tip on how to make the most of adult volunteers.

Advent Resources

Take advantage of these resources as you plan events and Bible studies for the Advent season.

Betwixt: Expectations of Leaders

One of the most important elements of my entire ministry, without a doubt, is my leaders. Without them, I’d be floundering alone in a dark, dangerous, and life-sucking whirlpool.

Bible Study: Through the Desert with a Bunch of Flaky Whiners

A 5-part Bible study on Moses and many of his moments in ministry. This study is a great personal reflection for anyone in youth ministry, and could also be used with ministry teams.

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Word One Studies

A collection of studies based on the lessons for the Lectionary that provide group Bible that go deeper into each Sunday’s readings.

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LCMS Young Adult Research

In 2017, LCMS Youth Ministry partnered with LCMS Research to conduct a study of young adult retention in the LCMS and in the larger Christian church.

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