This curriculum was designed for our YouthLead program. It is video based and designed to be easily lead by both adult and youth leaders. There is both an facilitator and a student guide that can be printed from the links below. The videos can be downloaded or watched using any internet connection.

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In Vocation: Right Here, Right Now, we will explore your unique vocations as a gift of God from your Baptism. God works through you to care for His creation every day and everywhere you go. Vocation gives you purpose in your identity as God’s child, even when other people and culture point you away from being God’s hands and feet. Vocation isn’t a long way off or limited to a few situations; it is right here and right now.

This curriculum has four sessions, each with a video.

SESSION ONE › My Unique Vocation

This session serves as an introduction to vocation as the way God works through young people now and over time in their many roles and responsibilities. It reminds them of the many people God can impact through them.

SESSION TWO › Perspective, Not Plans

This session reminds participants that their vocation doesn’t depend on following the “right” plan. Instead, God will use them wherever they are, whatever they are doing right now. The Holy Spirit will direct them and make them aware of opportunities they have right where they are.


This session focuses on how participants are equipped to be bold, not timid, in their vocations. Being bold doesn’t depend on them, but instead it depends on the Holy Spirit who gives Christians the fruit of the Spirit.

SESSION FOUR › Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Lead Now and Later

This session is like a pep talk that reminds participants that God is going to use them in ways they do not expect. God sent people to share the Gospel with them, and now He sends them to share Jesus through God’s Word with others.

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