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In the 40 End Goals of Youth Ministry, we include we talk about how young people should be affirmed in their identity as a loved child of God. Stories surround us. They are not only a part of our modern-day culture but have been a key piece of the fabric of human civilization since the beginning.

This study seeks to help young people to develop identity by using the concept of story. Certainly, we know God’s story for us in Scripture where God continues to speak in His perfect word. We also can think of our lives as stories where God is at work, even when that story is difficult.

In particular, this study will look to explore the themes that

  • Jesus calls me to faith and is with me daily as I live in baptismal grace and
  • In Christ, I am both a citizen of heaven and of earth. I trust Jesus that He alone gives me life to the full in the here and now.

There are four sessions to this Bible study series along with a parallel devotion each month.

Session One: The Story of Scripture

This study is built to help youth see the overarching story of Jesus that is found from the beginning of Scripture to the end.

Session Two: My Story

For Baptized Children of God, it is alive in our everyday schedules, tasks, and relationships. This session is designed to help them tell God’s story in their everyday lives.

Session Three: When the Story is Tough

Hard times might lead youth to think God isn’t faithful. Instead youth should be developing skills to dig deeper into Jesus when the hard times arrive. This Bible Study will give them a crash course in ways to remain connected to God even when the story is tough.

Session Four: Sharing the Study

The plan always was and is that followers of Jesus will share The story. This study will help youth to think about ways for them to share the story of what Jesus did and is doing in their lives.

Attached Devotions

These lessons have four devotions that run parallel to the Bible study. These are designed for you to use if you meet multiple times a week or for you to share through email or social media in between lessons.

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