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Cultivating Koinonia

God values community, so how can we nurture it? Continue reading

0 Comments / 223 View / April 24, 2017

Providing Family for Those who have None

God has given the church a definite and resounding responsibility to look after and protect one another. Continue reading

0 Comments / 182 View / March 21, 2017

Rebuilding or Restoring Youth Ministry

Rebuilding or Restoring a Dissolving Youth Ministry

Discover ideas you can implement now to rebuild or restore a dissolving youth ministry. Continue reading

0 Comments / 437 View / October 24, 2016

Youth Ministry as Story Time

All Things New: Youth Ministry as Story Time

Story time lets youth be heard, belong, and build strong Christ-centered relationships. Continue reading

0 Comments / 472 View / October 13, 2016

Theater and Drama in Ministry: Part 3

What do you do after you use theater and drama in youth ministry? Continue reading

0 Comments / 119 View / August 17, 2016

Theater and Drama in Ministry, Part 2

The goal of drama ministry is to focuses on and show the Gospel. It takes strategic, creative, and grace-filled planning. Continue reading

0 Comments / 97 View / August 9, 2016

Theater and Drama in Ministry, Part 1

Using theater and drama in youth ministry allows you to approach the development of Biblical knowledge differently. Continue reading

1 Comment / 273 View / August 2, 2016

The Transitional Road from High School Senior to College Freshman

How can you help high school students successfully transition into college life? Continue reading

0 Comments / 207 View / June 20, 2016

Breaking the Ice without Sinking the Ship

There are always options when it comes to incorporating newcomers into a youth program. Continue reading

0 Comments / 126 View / June 15, 2016

The Eighth Grade Transition

As we intentionally do some of these things, more students remain connected as they transition into high school. Continue reading

0 Comments / 107 View / June 9, 2016