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In the Seven Practices of Healthy Youth Ministry we talk about congregations helping young people to have a resilient identity in Christ. Resiliency is the quality that allows for an individual to bounce back and adapt when faced with stress, adversity, or tragedy. Resilient Christians can navigate all the challenge and struggle in our world while maintaining their identity in Christ. Healthy youth ministry helps to root young people in their Christian identity, regardless of what they face in life.

God is the creator of all things and He also holds all things together. Resilience is part of His work in holding all things together inside of us and between us. Resilience has a lot to do with our emotions and mental health, our relationships, challenges, struggle, hope, and God’s promises.

This five part study is designed to help young people to think about resilience and, through the Holy Spirit, to develop this quality in their faith lives. These sessions include:

Session 1 – What is Resilience?
Theme passage – Hebrews 12:1-3
Word of Resilience: Jesus is enough.

Session 2 – Shame Resilience: When Grace Seems Far Away
Theme passage – Genesis 2:15-3:24
Word of Resilience: I am a forgiven child of God.

Session 3 – Emotional Resilience: When I Am Overwhelmed
Theme passage – Psalm 116:8-9
Word of Resilience: God is with me in every high and low.

Session 4 – Relational Resilience: When People Disappoint
Theme passage – 1 Corinthians 12:20-27
Word of Resilience: Relationships are worth the trouble.

Session 5 – Spiritual Resilience: When Wrestling Comes
Theme passage: Genesis 32:22-32
Word of Resilience: This is not all there is.


To download all five sessions, click here.