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Missions Unpacked

Missions Unpacked: Teen Edition explores our world, God’s work in it, and teens’ calling to be a part of God’s work. Through the stories of missionaries and their work around the world as well as activities, Bible readings, international recipes, prayers, videos and discussion questions, it helps youth explore themes such as vocation, perspective and God’s faithfulness.

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WordOne: The Great Adventure (Pentecost 2A Gospel)

by Christine Eid Download a printable PDF of the WordOne Bible Study for Pentecost 2 Gospel. Text: Matthew 9:35-10:8 for 2nd Sunday of Pentecost, Lectionary Series A Objectives Participants will: Identify that service to the Lord is a great adventure. Identify a way that they can be in service to God. Materials Needed Bibles Newsprint Markers Group Guidelines Divide the group into groups of 5-7. The leader of the group is the person who most recently gave a gift to someone. The leader’s role is to encourage participation from all members and to keep the group involved in the...

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