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As we go through life, we all come face to face with trials, questions, and tough issues. In the midst of these questions, what do we do? Who or what do we turn to? The purpose of this study is to remind the participants that God does not leave them empty-handed with their questions. He offers us more than just the answers that we are looking for. He gives us what we truly need: namely, Himself. Rather than trying to tackle all the big questions that youth will encounter, these four lessons will provide a framework that can be applied to any situation, question, or struggle. No matter what our question, God does have gifts to offer us and they are enough to sustain us through any trial.

Lesson One: Permission and Presence

Life comes with all sorts of difficult issues, situations, and questions. While we may not always get the answers we want, God does give us what we need. First, He gives us permission to ask questions and to wrestle with tough topics. While God does give us permission to ask questions, He does not guarantee that He will give us answers that make sense to us. No, He gives us what we really need: Himself. We have the presence of God, so we are never alone in the midst of questions, doubts, and trials.

Lesson Two: Promises

God not only gives us His presence, but He also gives us answers. He gives us clear promises that are enough to hold onto us no matter the storm of life. This lesson will help youth hold onto those clear promises in the midst of that which is unclear or confusing.

Lesson Three: People

One of the lies that Satan wants us to believe is “you’re the only person who has ever asked that question, had that struggle, experienced that trial, etc.” He wants us to be isolated by our questions, but God puts us into a family (the body of Christ) that is rooted in forgiveness, truth, and sacrificial love. This family will not abandon you in your questions or struggles. Instead, they will remind you of God’s truths, they will cover you in prayer, and they will be strengthened by God’s gifts alongside you.

Lesson Four: Perspective

When we’re in the middle of a struggle or we’re wrestling with a difficult question, we tend to magnify that problem so much that we lose sight of the truth. God offers us an eternal perspective that shrinks our questions and expands our view of who God is. Death, doubt, disease, conflict, and pain do not get the last word. God does. And it’s a word of hope, restoration, and peace. Knowing the ending of the story changes the way you view and live the rest of your story.

These lessons have four devotions that run parallel to the Bible study. These are designed for you to use if you meet multiple times a week or for you to share through email or social media in between lessons.

Download the Leader’s Guide here.

Download the Participant Guide here.