Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for the First Week of Advent, Lectionary Series A

Text:  Luke 2:22-32 for the Presentation of Jesus, Lectionary Series A


  • To help participants to understand that even as an infant, Jesus fulfilled all the law for our justification.
  • To introduce participants to the words of Simeon (commonly called the Nunc Dimittis from its first words in Latin).


Lutheran Service Book
Index Cards
Pens or Pencils

Group Guidelines

This Bible study is for small groups.  The pastor or DCE should lead it.  (Optional: If the leader or one of the participants can play the piano or guitar, he should prepare the music from one of the settings of the Nunc Dimittis from Lutheran Service Book: 165, 182, 199, 211, 938 or 258.)

Building Community

  1. Take time to get to know everyone from your group. Share your name and where you go to school.  Share who the oldest person is that you know.
  2. Finish one of these statements:
  • The first time someone brought me to church was…
  • I remember the first elderly person I met and the thing I remember most is…
  • I remember seeing someone be baptized and I…

Looking at God’s Word

  1. Go around the group and each person read a verse of the passage from Luke 2.
  2. Share with the group what parts of the reading stood out to you. Why?
  3. What part or parts of the Apostle’s Creed do you think of while reading this passage?
  4. Read Exodus 13:11-13. What are the connections between Exodus and our lesson?
  5. Why did the people of Israel have to offer sacrifices?
  6. If Jesus was sinless, why did Mary and Joseph still have to offer a sacrifice?
  7. Who was Simeon? What does it mean to have the Holy Spirit upon a person?
  8. Read (or if prepared, sing) the Nunc Dimittis. Compare the text from Luke to one or more of the versions from Lutheran Service Book.  Are there any difference?  Our God is the God of peace.  That peace is different from what the world gives.  How do we receive that peace in our congregations?  Why do you think Lutherans sing this prayer after the Sacrament of the Altar and not before?
  9. Who is the salvation given by God?
  10. Is salvation only for certain people? Who is worthy of God’s salvation?

Reinforcing What Has Been Learned

Sing or read the Nunc Dimittis one more time.  Have each participant write on an index card various things that can only come from God.  As each participant shares their word or words, have them talk about what that means in the midst of their life.  How has God prepared or done ____________ in their life or for them?  Discuss what Jesus has come to accomplish and why He had to suffer.

In order for Jesus to save humanity, He had to fulfill the entire law: every jot and tittel (Matthew 5:17-18).  Through His sinless life, He prepares a peace that is unlike anything this world can offer.  It is even a peace that surpasses all understanding.  That peace comes to the suffering and the dying.  It comes to you and to me in the midst of sorrow, sickness, and pain.  Jesus prepares this peace for the whole world.  It is God’s desire that none be condemned to hell, but that all repent and live.  Close with prayer.