by Lori Potratz

Download a printable PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Palm Sunday Gospel.

Text: Matthew 25:1-27:66 for Palm Sunday, Lectionary Series A


Participants will:

  1. Renew their understanding of the Lord’s Supper.
  2. Gain a greater understanding of self-examination before receiving the Lord’s Supper.
  3. Recognize the gifts and promises received in the Lord’s Supper.

Materials Needed


Luther’s Small Catechism


Copies of the Lutheran Service Book

Group Guidelines

This Bible study has been developed for groups of 5-7 people. Have the oldest person in each group serve as the group leader. As the group leader, this individual will help encourage each member of the group to participate, but will also allow the group members the freedom to pass if they do not wish to share.

Building Community

Have each person share a Communion experience.

Looking at God’s Word

  1. Read Matthew 26:17-27.
  2. Play Jeopardy! Read the answers to the questions on the Lord’s Supper from Luther’s Small Catechism. Have the group give the question. Award the M&Ms to the group that got the most questions correct.
  3. Give each group copies of the Lutheran Service Book. Have the group go through the questions and answers to be used before communing. Discuss why it would be important to review those questions and answers before receiving the Lord’s Supper.

Reinforcing What Has Been Learned

  1. Bring the small groups back together. Discuss the benefits, gifts and promises received in the Lord’s Supper.
  2. Discuss the doctrine of the real presence of Christ’s body and blood in, with and under the bread and wine.


Have participants share their highs and lows for the past week. Reassure them of God’s presence in their lives. Use the highs and lows as petitions in prayer. Thank God for sending His one and only Son to give His body and blood for the forgiveness of our sins.


Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 11, 1998.

Updated for youthESource in March 2014