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We want young people to be resilience in all circumstances. Resilient youth remain humbly confident in their faith in the face of crisis and transition. Your teens might come up against places where they need humble confidence. Friend may ask a difficult question of faith, or face a culture that is opposed to what we know God desires for us. Perhaps they find great success in sports and extra curriculars or if they didn’t make the team or the show. This study helps them to dig into what humble confidence from the Bible looks like.

The Holy Spirit can work to orient young people back to Scripture and continue to engage them in the life of the congregation. In this study, we see what humble confidence is and how God uses that in order to share the good news of Jesus with others. In these moments, it is important for Christian adults to prepare and ensure that their own posture or judgement pulls toward, not pushes away, a young people in your ministry, their friends and other peers from faith.

The Sessions include:

Session #1: What is a Humble Confidence?

Humble confidence is not fake, arrogant, centered on the self, nor is it fragile. Humble confidence in Christ is the only way to have true and enduring confidence amid the challenges of this life. This is a confidence tis founded on the humble, salvific work of Christ Jesus for us through the cross and the empty tomb.

Session #2: The Humble Confidence of Jesus

Jesus willingly emptied Himself and became a humble servant in human flesh. The Word and work of Christ Jesus is the foundation for our humility and confident trust in Jesus.

Session #3: Jesus is our Humble Confidence

Jesus’ mercy and grace towards us give us confidence to face the uncertainties of life. Our youth are bolstered in humble confidence to hear how they have been loved and bought back (redeemed) by Jesus.

Session #4: Humble Confidence for the World

Humble confidence in our faith has a purpose; God desires for us to share the good news of Jesus with those around us. Humble Confidence allows us to avoid prideful arrogance, but sharing God’s grace with others.


These lessons have four devotions that run parallel to the Bible study. These are designed for you to use if you meet multiple times a week or for you to share through email or social media in between lessons.

Download the Leaders Guide Here.

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