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Brandon Metcalf

Brandon is currently living in Lake Ozark, Missouri, with his wonderful wife, Dana. He serves there as the Director of Christian Education at Christ the King Lutheran Church with a focus on children, youth and family ministries. In this role, he especially loves teaching, speaking and using stories to help others learn about God, find their value in Him and realize that nothing can satisfy them outside of Christ.

Youth Workers Can Learn from Politics

What Youth Workers Can Learn from Politics

Two important lessons we can learn from politics and culture. Continue reading

0 Comments / 127 View / October 31, 2016

Youth Ministry as Story Time

All Things New: Youth Ministry as Story Time

Story time lets youth be heard, belong, and build strong Christ-centered relationships. Continue reading

0 Comments / 473 View / October 13, 2016

All Things New: The One Question to Ask Inactive Youth

How can you reach out to inactive youth? Continue reading

0 Comments / 247 View / May 23, 2016

All Things New: Sometimes Youth Need a Win

We have a message that no one else can match, a win that can’t be topped, and that is what we need to be sharing every time we can. Continue reading

0 Comments / 169 View / February 8, 2016

All Things New: The Escalator of Youth Ministry

In youth ministry, you will have trouble. But take heart, Christ has overcome the world! Continue reading

0 Comments / 146 View / January 25, 2016

All Things New: Making the Most of Adult Volunteers

Brandon offers a great tip on how to make the most of adult volunteers. Continue reading

0 Comments / 87 View / January 12, 2016

All Things New: The Art of Delegation

Recently I was having a conversation with another adult leader on a retreat. While we were talking, a group of youth was working to set up one of the activities for the night. We both noticed this and proceeded to…

0 Comments / 97 View / November 24, 2015

All Things New: Your Tone Matters

How we say something is often as important as what we say. Continue reading

0 Comments / 185 View / November 4, 2015

All Things New: Youth Workers – Teachers or Librarians?

Are parents supporting your work, or are you supporting their work in growing their child’s faith? Continue reading

0 Comments / 265 View / September 24, 2015

All Things New: Setting Youth Ministry Goals

What are our goals for this year? How do we know if we’re reaching them? What are the steps we need to take to get there? Continue reading

1 Comment / 1341 View / September 1, 2015