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Skit: Who Gets the First Pew?

The exalted will be humbled and the humbled exalted…even in church. Continue reading

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Drama: In Christ Alone

This story of the wise and foolish builder explores the themes of joy, identity, humility, community, and standing in Christ. Continue reading

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Devotion: In Christ Alone – Humility

When we focus on ourselves, our eyes are looking inward, but our focus should be Jesus and His humility shown to us on the cross. Continue reading

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Betwixt: The Sin that Swallows Church Workers

Betwixt: The Sin that Swallows Church Workers

The sins of pride and arrogance are the ones that often cripple church workers more than almost any other sins. Continue reading

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Skit: Humility

Skit: Humility

A couple guys play basketball and learn about humility and greatness. Continue reading

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Devotion: God’s Love is…Humble

Devotion: God’s Love is…Humble

a devotion on humility and service Continue reading

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