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The Rookie: In the Hole

I’m there. You know that place I’m talking about–the one where ideas are few and far between, where God seems so far away, where the old tricks aren’t working, where what you’re trying feels like much less than what’s necessary, where your spiritual journey seems to be lacking heart.

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Avoid the Burn

It is crucial to remember that those in ministry are role models, not only to the participants of our programs, but also to the many whom volunteer and work along side us. Are we allowing others to risk burnout in their volunteer ministry because we over-commit and can’t say, “No!”? Reflect on a list of practical ways to avoid burnout in the field of youth ministry.

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One Volunteer’s Perspective on Avoiding Burnout

Volunteers in any area of the Church face a difficult and sometimes thankless task. Fortunately, the rewards volunteering can bring often override the frustrations and hardships. In this short article, Martha Andres, a long time volunteer, offers her perspective on how volunteers can avoid becoming overwhelmed and burnt out while on their individual ministry journeys.

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