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Spare Body Parts

Talk Sheet: Spare Body Parts

At our Baptism, we became a part of the Body of Christ, and as part of the Body, we have a purpose. Continue reading

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Can't I Just Live in Today

Talk Sheet: Can’t I Just Live in Today?

Based on James 4:13-15. In times of great distress we are often tempted to hide in living only for the moment, and neglect the future. Continue reading

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Who's the Real Superhero

Talk Sheet: Who’s the Real Superhero?

In response and thankfulness to Christ’s love, we are called to show our brothers and sisters love in concrete ways, like hurricane relief. Continue reading

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What a Choice

Talk Sheet: What a Choice

Our salvation and our daily protection are not mere chance, nor are they a sign that we are better than others. They are the kindnesses of God which are undeserved and yet are a part of God’s intended plan Continue reading

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Facing the Deep Waters

Bible Study: Facing the Deep Waters with a Deeper Faith

Download a PDF of the Bible Study: Facing the Deep Waters with a Deeper Faith. Taken from The Servant eXtreme – 2005 LCMS Summer Servant Event Bible Study Used With Permission of LCMS Youth Ministry. OBJECTIVES To talk through circumstances…

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No More Floods

Talk Sheet: But God Said No More Floods

Water is the working substance of much of God’s creation and continues to be essential for and within us. While the recent floods have made water seem a danger, we might think of it as a place of God’s work. Continue reading

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Identity Theft Study

Bible Study: Identity Theft

Take a look at the identity God gives us and how our world, culture, and Satan attempt to steal it. Learn how to protect ourselves against this identity theft. Continue reading

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Losing My Identity

Bible Study: Losing My Identity

This study will review five different attributes that help to build identity and how its loss can impact a person’s self-concept. Continue reading

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Bible study identity

Bible Study: Piecing Together My Identity

Your identity can be found through your family, your name, your talents and abilities, your beliefs, and your appearance, but at the root of all these things is the identity you find in Christ. Continue reading

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Stress Bible Study

Our Scary World and Our Living God – A Bible Study on Stress

This Bible study uses the story of the Road to Emmaus in Luke 24 to help our youth find hope in Jesus. Yes, it’s the Sunday school answer – and that’s okay! The fact that we have hope in the risen Christ truly trumps any of our problems, and allows us to be a light in the darkness of our scary world. Continue reading

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