a discussion guide on the death penalty
Assisted suicide, euthanasia, death with dignity--all synonymous--weave in and out of the spotlight of the news, and we continue to struggle and debate with what is ethical, what is moral and what is right. Use this talk sheet to work through this difficult subject with your youth.
“Facebook is dead.” – one of my middle school youth about a month ago In the last year I’ve witnessed a mass exodus of middle school and high school kids from the now 10-year-old dinosaur of social media that is Facebook, and her statement seemed to give a pretty blunt synopsis of the current view […]
Middle school is a great time to teach youth to exercise their servant hearts. This article includes some tips on how to do it well.
Is fundraising, or not fundraising, accomplishing the goals and purpose of youth ministry? If you have answered this question already, now is a good time to think about it.
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