Living as a Christian in our culture is a lot like dating. We have to watch who (or what) we flirt and spend time with. If we’re not careful we may fall in love, and be sorry. So the secret is to love wisely. Download a PDF of Apologia: The Christian in Society.
Being Christian servants isn't easy. Not only does it require a good deal of spiritual, mental, and physical discipline, but our culture is working against us. This article explores methods to enhance your ability to serve Christ in the world today.
To be firm yet observant, courteous yet understanding and sincere; this is the church worker's FOCUS.
The Christian Church throughout the centuries has encouraged Christ's people to fast, not as penance for sins--as many think--but to gain greater spiritual discipline and to grow in relationship with the Lord.
In teaching servanthood, we Focus On Christ's Unconditional Salvation.
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