This curriculum was designed for our YouthLead program. It is video based and designed to be easily lead by both adult and youth leaders. There is both an facilitator and a student guide that can be printed from the links below. The videos can be downloaded or watched using any internet connection.

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About the Curriculum

Our youth have a lot of big questions. Our God has a lot of big answers. This youth-led Bible study series is meant to equip the participants for a Christ-centered discussion of these big questions and how they impact their decisions for their future. Through video teaching and Bible study discussion centered on the “I am” statements of Jesus in the Gospel of John, participants will walk away with a clear understanding of their identity and purpose in Christ!

Session 1: Who am I?

Session 2: What am I here for?

Session 3: Who am I for?

Session 4: Who goes with me?

This curriculum is designed to fit into the 7 Practices of Healthy Youth Ministry. This includes helping each young person…

  • Deeply understand their baptismal faith as they recognize the work of the Holy Spirit who brought them to faith, gathers them into God’s family and works through them.
  • Develop a resilient identity in Christ as they identify with the life and the mission of the church and seek to serve others.
  • Live out their unique vocation as they understand their role as Christ’s hands and feet in their church, home, community and other areas of vocation.

Download the Leader Guide, Participant Guide and Videos at this link.