Our Real. Present. God. fashioned mankind in His image and likeness. God made us male and female to be a gift to each other. As a parent, Father God created the best of all possible gifts to give Adam and He created Eve. Imagine what it must be like for a parent whose gift is rejected. When it comes to gender and sexuality, unless we understand how to be in right relationship with God, we will not be able to be in right relationship with each other.

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Beyond Broken is a six-week study for middle school and high school youth focused on God’s intent for identity and relational wholeness. The study begins with a larger discussion focused on gender, and specifically, on God’s design for male and female and how they were intended to be in relationship with one another.

The studies are written in such a way as to open and invite dialogue and subject that discussion to what Scripture says in regard to relational and sexual wholeness. Topics include God’s plan for relationship, gender, identity in Christ, confusion in culture, and grace and witness. Each lesson contains a connective learning exercise to further engage and clarify how the lesson applies to life.

Topics Include

  • Lesson One:  Why Not the Garden?
  • Lesson Two: Love Not Hugs
  • Lesson Three: Who Does He Say I am?
  • Lesson Four: Gender What’s the Big Deal?
  • Lesson Five: Leaving the Grave Clothes Behind
  • Lesson Six: Now What? The Gospel Advance

There is no student guide.

These lessons are not intended to exhaust the topic but to offer a scriptural and clear starting point in which to bring the hope of Christ to a hurting and often confused world.

Download the study here.