“The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” (Psalm 46:7)

Our Real. Present. God. is with us and a fortress for us. God’s identity is made known through His actions. As God draws near to His people and protects us, we come to know who He is and what He does. God identifies Himself as our Real. Present. God. And He identifies us as His children.

This study, Worth Dying For, is about dating and relationships, but really is about so much more than that. Yes, it goes into specifics on what to look for in a partner, the purpose of dating, and all of that, but while doing so, you’ll also talk a lot about identity in Christ, Christian contentment, combating Satan’s lies, discipleship, forgiveness, and so much more. Dating and relationships is really the vehicle for some huge, life-changing conversations.

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The session topics include:

  • The Search: God cares more about you walking with Him as a disciple than with you walking down the aisle.
  • The One: He cares more about you becoming someone than you finding somebody.
  • The Model: “I am a child of God” is your identity, not “I am single” or “I am in a relationship.”
  • The Two: The purpose of a relationship is to remind you of your value rather for you to find your value.

If we equip young people to see everything in light of their value and identity in Christ, as a loved, chosen, forgiven child of God, it will change their relationships. Not only that, but this foundation will impact every single area of their lives.