by Greg Sawyer

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Pentecost 7B OT

Text: Amos 7:7-15 for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, Lectionary Series B


Participants will:

  1. Discover that God has called all of His people into His service.
  2. Identify where God is calling them to witness for Him.


A copy of this Bible Study for each participant
Small slips of paper
Small container


This Bible Study has been developed for use in groups of 5-7 people. Each group will need a leader that will work to keep the discussion on the topic and will keep the study moving forward. This leader needs to encourage each member of the group to participate in the discussion. However, group members have the option of passing on any part of the sharing or discussion. Invite the shortest person in the group to serve as the leader.


  1. Share with the group the “scariest” place you have ever been. What made it scary?
  2. Share with the group a place you have not been but you want to go someday. Why do you want to go to that place?


Background to the book of Amos:

The wealthy people of Israel were enjoying peace and comfort while the poor were suffering. The poor were even sold into slavery to make the rich even richer. However, God promises through the prophet Amos that Israel would soon be conquered by Assyria and the rich would soon be slaves.

  1. Read Amos 7:10-15
  2. Circle the words that best complete each sentence. Be ready to explain your choice.
    1. Amos (wanted, willingly accepted, resisted) his role as a prophet.
    2. (Amos, God, Amos’ family) decided he should be a prophet.
    3. Amos was qualified to be a prophet because of (his education, God, his job).
    4. Amos was a (foolish, courageous, insane) man.
    5. (You, God, Your family) know best where and how God can use you.
  3. How is Amos received by the leaders of Israel? How do you suppose Amos felt having been treated the way he was by the leaders? How would you feel?
  4. The name Amos means “burden bearer.” What burdens do you think Amos bore for:
    1. God
    2. Israel
    3. His family and friends
  5. Read Amos 5:24. This is the central message of the book of Amos. How did this message apply during the time of Amos?


  1. What makes you qualified to talk about God?
  2. God spoke to Amos directly and told him what to talk about with the leaders of Israel. How can the following help you talk about God?
    The Bible          Prayer              Worship            Christian fellowship          Youth Group    Family
  3. How will you be accepted if you talk about God:
    among family among friends             at church         at school
  4. Where does your strength and determination come from when you are talking about God with other people?


Each person writes his or her name on a slip of paper. The names are put into a small container. The container is passed around the group. Each group member removes a slip of paper with a name. The group will close with a circle prayer with each person praying for the person on the slip. The group leader will begin and end the prayer.

Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 12, 1999.

Updated for youthESource in June 2015