Word One: Listen Up (Epiphany 4B Old Testament)

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by Marty Hasz

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study: Listen Up for Epiphany 4B Old Testament

Text: Deuteronomy 18:15-20 for the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany, Lectionary Series B


Participants will renew their understanding of God’s Word as revealed by the prophets.


Concordia Study Bible for the leader





Each participant should be committed to searching the Word for God’s truth. As stories and perspectives are shared, respect should be given by keeping a high level of confidence rather than disrespecting with gossip.

Form groups of 3-4 people. Select a reader and recorder/secretary for each group.


After the groups have chosen their roles, each group will first go around and share the best and worst of their week.


Leader’s note: Read the Concordia Study Bible notes on the book of Deuteronomy on pages 242 and 243. Share a brief overview with the large group.

Compare the following in your small group:

  1. Deuteronomy 18:15-23.
  2. What are the responsibilities of the prophets?
  3. What is Moses prophesying?
  4. How were these prophecies ultimately fulfilled? (John 1:21, 25, 45, 5:46, 6:15, 7:40, Acts 3:22-26,7:37)


  1. Each small group should summarize for the large groups their learning’s based on the previous questions.
  2. Moses prophesies about the coming prophets and ultimately about God’s one and only son Jesus. Read John 1:1-13and 1 John 4:9-10. In your small groups design a poster, based on these verses that reflects Jesus as the fulfillment of these Old Testament prophecies.
  3. While we don’t formally identify people as prophets today, if we listen carefully, there are people who speak the Word of God to us. Can you identify any such people in your church, school, family and/or community? How can God use you to speak His Word in these places?


Close by praying for the people’s concerns and needs of the group. Ask for the Holy Spirit’s help to make us aware of the “prophets” God has placed in our lives and to provide us with the opportunity and courage to speak God’s Word to others. Give thanks to God for His Son, the ultimate fulfillment of Moses’ prophesy and our salvation.



Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 12, 1999.

Updated for youthESource in January 2015


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