Word One: Called to be Faith…Full (Advent 3B Epistle)

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Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 for the Third Sunday in Advent , Lectionary Series B

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Advent 3 Epistle


Participants will:

  1. Realize that even Christians fall short of the Christian goals listed in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24.
  2. Recognize Jesus as the one who perfected these acts.
  3. Recognize Jesus as the one who sanctifies those who do not perfect these Christian actions.
  4. Seek the Lord’s help in expressing their faith through Christian acts.



Divide into groups of 4-6, with the person whose birthday is closest to Christmas being the leader.  All group members should be given the opportunity to share.


  1. Have each person in the group describe the best and worst gifts they have received for Christmas.
  2. Have each person in the group describe how they thanked people for the gifts they received.


  1. The Apostle Paul reminds us to thank God in all circumstances! What is the difference between thanking God…
    …for all circumstances?
    …in all circumstances?
  2. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24.
  3. Here is a partial list of Paul’s Christian goals for living:  Rate yourself in these areas from one to ten (1=not at all, 10=perfect).
    Joyful always
    Pray continually
    Thank God in all circumstances
    Hold on to good
    Avoid every kind of evil    
  4. Now compare these passages about righteousness (right-with-God-ness):
    According to each passage answer the question:
    Read Romans 3:10
    I am righteous?
    Read 2 Corinthians 5:21
    I am righteous?
  5. What is the difference?


  1. The truth is, even as Christians, how do we fall short of the above-listed goals?
  2. Re-read the list of goals the Apostle Paul has listed for Christians.  Discuss how we can accomplish the things Paul describes.


Close by praying:

Lord Jesus, thank you for sanctifying us through your perfect life, death, and resurrection.  Strengthen us in expressing our faith by being joyful, maintaining an active prayer life with you and being thankful no matter what is happening in our lives, because we know that you are working for our good.  Amen.



Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 9, 1996.

Updated for youthESource in December 2014

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