1.      Ask your students if there is someone in your congregation who they think is fun, cool, hilarious, goofy (goofy cool, not goofy “I need professional help”), etc.
2.      Call or talk to that individual in person (email is too easy to say “no” to) and ask them if they would be willing to help you with a game or mixer for one event. (It’s easier for a person to make a one time commitment than to volunteer for a whole year.)
3.      If you do not have a specific game in mind for the volunteer to help with, provide them with 3-5 games or mixers to choose from that will fit into the specific amount of time you have for the game/mixer.
4.      Give the volunteer the entire agenda for your Bible study or retreat so that they know what to expect once they get there.
5.      Make sure the volunteer knows what your expectations are for the group (i.e. group norms they should be aware of like not getting blood on the carpet, lighting things on fire, etc.).
6.      Make sure the volunteer feels welcomed and appreciated during and after the event. If this person is a good fit for youth ministry, they will happily volunteer again! If not, ask someone else to be involved and repeat the process. Running a game is a great entry level position into youth ministry that could lead to a great, full-time volunteer!
Published August 2008