Author: Jessica Bordeleau

Webinar: Spiritual Preparation for Christian Young Adults

Whether you are starting college, finishing grad school, or working full-time, it can seem like you are the only Christian young adult in your zip code. It can be a challenge to stand firm in your faith when what you believe is attacked from all sides, especially if the criticisms come from someone you respect. You may admire the intellect of your professor, CEO, or supervisor, which makes it all the more difficult if they mock your Christian faith. Dr Joel Biermann address these concerns with incredibly practical insight and advice in Spiritual Preparation for Christian College Students, a...

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Ministry Walls: Regeneration Summit 2012

“What is the most significant wall facing the church in the coming decade?” Four different presenters answered this question at the October 2012 Regeneration Summit in St. Louis, hosted by Christ Memorial Lutheran Church. In an increasingly polarized society, the church is faced with walls from within and without. This summit considered how the church lives out the mission amidst such walls. The presenters were: Dr Andrew H. Bartlet, Professor of Exegetical Theology an Concordia Seminary Mark Kempff, Assistant Director for the Center for Hispanic Studies of Concordia Seminary Jon Graf, a Lead Financial Consultant for Thrivent Robert Millar,...

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Young Adults in Action: Orange Nation

Last Summer close to 25,000 youth and adults took part in the LCMS National Youth Gathering in New Orleans. High school aged youth were able to listen to Christian speakers, bands and Bible Studies. They had the opportunity to take part in local service projects. In the exhibit area they could learn more about foreign missionaries, Lutheran colleges, church work professions, and hundreds of other Lutheran ministry entities. The LCMS National Youth Gathering is for high school aged youth, but it took thousands of adults to make it possible. A great number of those were young adults who served...

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