Author: Jeffrey Meinz

Skit: Tech Driven Worship

In this original skit about a tech-driven worship experience, if it can go wrong, it probably will. Who would have thought projecting song lyrics on the big white wall would have taken so much planning? And why do donuts always take such a priority?

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Skit: A Group of “Youth”

This original skit presents the “Peter Pan” of youth group, a guy who refuses to grow up in his faith. He doesn’t want what adults have to offer, but the youth don’t really want him around. What’s the PlayStation-playing old-timer to do? And what ever will become of the annual sledding trip?

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Skit: The Bench

A jogger sees a solitary man sitting on the same bench each day as he runs past. A few seconds and a couple words could make an eternal difference in the man’s life. Will the jogger be too late? Find out in this simple yet compelling skit.

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