Top 10 Ways to Put Your Service into Focus

Hosting service work for youth ministry should always be focused on Jesus and what He has done for us. Caring for our neighbor comes as an outflowing of God’s love for us. There are some ways you can keep the focus on the source of our faith during service.

10. Prayer – Prayer is important for expressing trust in God as the only One who will ultimately guide and direct your event. Begin on your knees–and don’t stop. Encourage others from your church or organization to be in continual communication with God through prayer.

9. Encouragement – The saints can build each other up through encouragement. Craft mailboxes for daily notes or do an affirmation circle. Pass a sheet of paper and have the group write for each servant; “I praise God for you because…”

8. Music – Music sets mood, teaches, enables praise and reinforces concepts. Do what it takes to provide music even if it is from an iPod or computer. Don’t forget to ask attendees in advance if they have a song leader.

7. Journaling – Put together a daily journal with themes, passages, loads of space for recording thoughts, feelings and where growth is occurring. Some youth will keep these for many years to come.

6. Bible Study – Use the one provide by LCMS Servant Events, adapt it or use your own but do not neglect to TEACH what true servanthood is and from where it comes. This should be a focus, not an add on.

5. Sacred Space – Design a space that visually reinforces the spirit of worship. Create an altar. Design a banner together. Light candles.

4. Worship – Christ serving us is where all Christian worship begins and ends. Find opportunities to gather around His Word to joyfully respond to Christ’s service to us and the work of the Holy Spirit in us.

3. Alone Time – Again, journaling can be an effective use of any alone time and focuses on both Scripture reading and prayer. A key alone time question to ask is, “What
is God saying in His Word to me?”

2. Processing – Throughout the event take time to ask, “Where are you seeing God at work?”; “What are you learning?”; and “Where do you think God could use you next?”.

1. Prayer – We’re not kidding when we say prayer is important. Set specific times for prayer in your own schedule to help you be accountable and focused in prayer. Remember to include prayer time for everyone during your event schedule. Establishing prayer partners amongst your event participants is another great.

Compiled by the LCMS Servant Event Committee: Rev. Barry Akers; Shelly Carlson; Linda Gage; James Lohman, DCE; Randy Ronning, DCE; Leah Sallach