Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany.

Text:  Matthew 5:13-20 for the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, Lectionary Series A


Participants will:

  1. Understand that discipleship involves a commitment.
  2. Understand that Jesus is our only source of righteousness.

Materials Needed




Group Guidelines

Divide into groups of 6-8 people. The leader is the person who had French fries most recently. The leader’s role is to keep the group moving through the study and to encourage everyone to participate.

Building Community

Ask participants to share what place serves their favorite kind of French fries. what makes those fries so great?

Share some things that are the way they are, just because.

Looking at God’s Word

  1. Read Matthew 5:13-16.
  2. What are some uses for salt? What is it about salt that makes it useful for these purposes?
  3. What do each of these Scripture references tell us about salt and its use? Job 6:6, Mark 9:50 and Luke 14:33-35.
  4. Salt is by its very nature salty. If it is not salty it does not serve a purpose. To be a disciple of Christ involves discipleship and sacrifice. To be an effective disciple we have to let God use us in the way that He chooses. How do Matthew 5:13-16 and Luke 14:33-35 help us link saltiness to being a disciple of Christ?
  5. Read Matthew 5:17-20.
  6. The Pharisees spent a good deal of their lives trying to perfectly keep the Law. When they had trouble they often changed or altered the law to make it easier to keep. What rules would we like to change in our lives? How likely is this to happen?
  7. According to Romans 3:23, who has been able to keep the Law perfectly?
  8. Read Romans 3:20-24. How is it that we are declared righteous?

Reinforcing What Has Been Learned

  1. Have everyone complete the following sentences:
  2. One of the costs of discipleship that concerns me is…
  3. Because Jesus kept the Law perfectly…
  4. If I can help others understand one thing about God, it would be…


Close with a circle prayer. Have everyone use the phrase, “Thank You, Father, for letting me be Your disciple. Help me to be a witness to (insert name of a friend). Give me the courage to always live for You. In Jesus’ name I pray.”


Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 11, 1998.

Updated for thESource in February 2014