by Steven M. Hackmann

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Easter 4B First Reading.

Text:  Acts 4:1-12 for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, Lectionary Series B


Participants will:

  1. Learn that things of value are often overlooked as common.
  2. Discover anew the value of faith in Christ Jesus.
  3. Have the opportunity to give out tangible reminders of the value of Jesus’ death on the cross to others.


Whiteboard or newsprint and markers
“An ordinary church object”
4×6 cards or lightweight cardboard
Miscellaneous arts and craft supplies


Divide into groups of 6-8 people. The person who has the most “valuables” (money, jewelry, etc.) with them will serve as group leader. It is the leader’s job to encourage everyone to participate and keep the group focused on the Bible study.


PREPARATION: Hide (place) a very ordinary church object (a cross) in plain sight in the meeting room, but not at a focus point in the room. (Note: be sure the object does not look out of place in the room, but rather very well blended into the decor of the room.)

As students enter the room, give them a sheet of paper and a pencil. Tell them you have hidden something very valuable within the meeting area. Have the students write down one thing they find of any value within the room.

After five minutes, regroup and share.

  • Where did you look for the valuable object?
  • What made that particular object you wrote down valuable to you?

Share with the students that the cross is the most valuable thing in the room.

  • Are you disappointed or surprised, or did you expect this?
  • Why would the cross be the most valuable thing in the room?


Open the Bibles to Acts 4:1-12. Read it together as a group, each person taking one verse.

  • Which verse speaks of incredible value? Why?
  • When have you seen people placing a greater value on something other than Jesus Christ? What things attempt to claim greater value than Jesus Christ?
  • How does this make you as a Christian feel?


Using the cardboard, index cards and miscellaneous art supplies, give each person another sheet of paper and some markers or crayons. Have students cut out and decorate as many crosses as they like. Have them write the reference Acts 4:12 on the cross.

Encourage them to pass these out to people today, saying, “I would like to give you something of value.” Invite the youth to pass out the crosses not only to church members, but also to their friends or neighbors or others they may encounter throughout the coming week.


Gather for a circle prayer. Have each person pray silently or out loud for someone in particular who needs to know the value of Jesus Christ in his or her lives.


Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 12, 1999.

Updated for youthESource in April 2015