Based on Luke 8:26-39.
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Theme: Jesus’ presence filled demons with fear, showed Satan that he had lost and reminds us what it means to have the Savior of all mankind love us more than anything in the whole world.
Text: Luke 8:39: “No, go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you.” So he went all through the town proclaiming the great things Jesus had done for him.
CAST: (3) Male or Female
COACH, BRUISER, and CRUISER are all part of Legion, the Demon; they behave as if they are on an athletic team.
COACH: Okay, guys, that was a good first half, a good start. We’ve got to keep up the work.
BRUISER: I’ll tell you what, Coach, I think I’m in the zone out there today.
CRUISER: You’re in the zone all right, did you see what happened when they tried to contain him?
COACH: I sure did, Cruiser, you busted those chains right up.
BRUISER: That’s how I work, Coach, that’s how I work.
COACH: Not every play is going to work like I drew it up, sometimes you need to think on the fly.
BRUISER: It’s like what Cruiser over here did when he saw the pig farmer this morning.
CRUISER: That old man was spooked right out of his overalls.
BRUISER: You have mastered the element of surprise.
CRUISER: And nobody brings the power quite like you.
(They high five each other.)
COACH: That’s the spirit I like to see! That’s the kind of team we have here. We are…
ALL: (Proudly) LEGION!
COACH: Now let’s take knee. If we stick to the plan, we’ll be hanging around here, terrorizing like only we can for as long as we want.
CRUISER: Ain’t nothing gonna to break my style.
BRUISER: Ain’t nothing gonna slow me down.
COACH: Let’s keep on moving. Since we are…
ALL: (Proudly) LEGION!
COACH: That’s the spirit. Hands in the middle. Legion on three. (All put their hands in the middle.) One, Two–
(All three shudder as if they are suddenly freezing cold.)
CRUISER: Is it cold in here?
BRUISER: Did somebody open a window?
COACH: Shake it off, we’ll be fine. Styx on three.
(At this point, CRUISER sees something and is frozen, staring at it. COACH and BRUISER put their hands in the middle.)
COACH: One–Cruiser, what are you doing?
(CRUISER stares ahead, his eyes get big, his mouth opens wide and he lifts up his hand, pointing in the same direction that he’s starting.)
BRUISER: This is starting to get ridiculous, it’s not like– (BRUISER freezes.)
CRUISER: J- J- Je-Jesus.
COACH: (Agitated) What? No, It’s can’t be!
COACH: New plan, team. Forfeit. Live to demonize another day. Let’s go.
CRUISER: Shhh! If we stay quiet and still He won’t know we’re here.
BRUISER: He’s coming this way.
CRUISER: Is that right? That we have to move for him to see us? Or am I thinking of something else?
BRUISER: Stop! You’re attracting attention.
CRUISER: Pretty sure that is something else.
BRUISER: Now He’s spotted us. Great. Just great.
(All dialogue spoken to Jesus is directed to an off-stage character.)
COACH: Who are we? Um, we are–
ALL: (softly) Legion.
COACH: Who’s in charge around here? That guy. (points to Cruiser) He’s the boss.
CRUISER: Thanks, just thanks. Yes, Mr. Savior. How can we help you?
BRUISER: Now would be a good time to ask about the pit.
CRUISER: Yes, Savior of the World, I understand. My friends and I were wondering–there are a lot of us–if we could maybe avoid the pit?
BRUISER: We are not fans of the pit.
CRUISER: I understand. Could we just have a second? Thanks. Huddle up.
BRUISER: Where are we?
CRUISER: He wants to know what to do with us if we don’t want the pit.
BRUISER: We’re coming out of this guy, huh?
CRUISER: That’s a done deal. Listen, in case you didn’t notice, we’ve got Jesus over here. The big guy’s one and only Son. Dominion over heaven and earth. It’s His creation, we’re just visiting. He’s in control. So, where are we going?
COACH: I’ve got it. Remember that pig farmer? How about his pigs?
BRUISER: I don’t want to go into a pig!
CRUISER: Do you have a better idea?
BRUISER: Not yet, but if you gave me a minute…
COACH: We don’t have a minute.
CRUISER: He’s right. (Huddle breaks) Hello there, Prince of Peace, we were, uh, wondering if maybe you could just let us scuttle right on over to those pigs over there?
BRUISER: What did He say? What did He say?
COACH: Nothing yet, it looks like He’s thinking!
BRUISER: Then what are we waiting for? Now is our chance!
COACH: Chance? For what?
BRUISER: For victory.
CRUISER: That’s insane. Just a terrible idea. Do you know who we’re dealing with here?
BRUISER: Jesus, the carpenter’s son from Nazareth.
COACH: Jesus, the Son of God, from Heaven. He’s here to let everyone know what’s in store for them. Eternal life, salvation, forgiveness and grace through the love of God the Father and the upcoming sacrifice of Jesus Himself.
BRUISER: That sounds bad for us.
CRUISER: It’s terrible for us. Long story short, it doesn’t matter how many strong legion is, we’re on our way out. The King is here. He’s giving us the go-ahead to move to the pigs.
COACH: New game plan. We get sent to the pigs, we run off the cliff and we are out of here. The less time we have to spend near the Son of God, the better. On three.
ALL: One, Two, Three. (All three run screaming away)
Published May 2013