Through the church year we have followed Jesus on a journey from the cradle to the empty tomb. At ascension we come to the end of Jesus earthly pilgrimage. Jesus now ascends to rule with His Father. The church on ascension celebrates Gods great victory. The task He sent His Son to complete is finished. We now are called to continue the journey and live for our Lord, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

This ascension worship event is designed for the whole church family. The service is patterned after a progressive dinner. Instead of each stop having food, however, each stop will be a place where we will celebrate a place Jesus stopped on His journey on earth. We will remember the most important stops on Jesus journey, and so be encouraged on the journey our Lord has called us to be on. Our ascension journey will have six stops. Each stop is planned for only 15 minutes; leave 5-10 minutes to travel to the next stop. We suggest the first and the last stop be at your church, the other stops at members homes. Plan for no more than 20-25 people in each home at one time. If more people sign up, have more than one journey route.

Please read the entire design carefully, then recruit homes for the stops. Ask each host to provide the materials needed at each stop. Some of the materials will need to come from you, the leader. Adapt this program to your congregations and groups needs. Ask people to sign up so you know how many people to plan for. It is possible to hold the entire event at church by moving from room to room.

Download a PDF of the Ascension Worship program.